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Why should I be confident?

April 13th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Bzzzz…..I am speechless.

It so happened that my mum gave me a pile of notepads and asked me to use it whenever I can, because she knew that I have a habit of jotting down some ideas or reminders.


Looked not so bad at first glance

“One friend of mine had a lot of them so she just gave me some”, Ah Doe’s mum said.

Nothing so fishy about it, and I started to carry them with me and write down “To Do” lists each day. After two weeks, it again, so happened that I see the cover. This time, one word caught my attention, and that was when I started to regret very very much!

Notepad Cover 

Vaginal? OMG!!! Why are you appearing on the cover!

I really wished that no one notices the word “Vaginal” on this notepad. If they did, most probably they will think that there’s something wrong with my reproductive system, and maybe they will admire my courage for letting everyone know.

In the MRT, dining in all sorts of restaurants, in the bus, library etc.

Women Confidence

On the contrary, I lost my confidence for exposing this notepad in the public.

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