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Salzburg, Austria Pt 1

April 17th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Salzburg is the backstage for “Sound of Music” film.

Sound of Music Opening

The opening of the film


The same cathedral after 40 years

And that makes Salzburg so special, a remarkable contribution by an old Hollywood movie. Most tourists who are dwelling into this UNESCO World Heritage Site come for the sake of “Sound of Music”. I would say so because quite a number of tourism activities are related to it.

Sound of Music Tour Bus

One of the Tour Buses

Coming up next, the comparison of Sound of Music actual sites and those you see in the the film:

Mirabell Garden

While singing AhDoe a deer in Mirabell Garden in the 60’s

Mirabell Now

Mirabell Today 

Today, it’s still almost the same. Just that the flowers were frozen to death.

16 going on 17

An old-fashioned way of courting girls in the 60’s

Yep, they sang and danced in the Gazebo like how the Bollywood celebrities do today.

 Gazebo in the 60s

Different couple in the same Gazebo

Lots of singing before kissing, that was OK in the 60s; audience today switch channels and after 10 minutes, tune in to check whether they have started kissing.

Gazebo in the Park

Today this tool is resting in the park peacefully – Mission Complete!

Description of the Gazebo

The Gazebo was given to Austria in the end

Backyard in Sound of Music Film

In the film, the children and Maria fell into the lake after their day trip.

Sound of Music House

The same lake, with the same house you see in the film. This house was used as the setting for Von Trapp’s backyard in the movie. Surprisingly, the lake turned into ice and you could even skate on it.

What else? Their songs and piano sheets….

To be Continued


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