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The Sleeping Beauty Castle

April 12th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Disneyland is kids’ wonderland!

 Disneyland Castle

I am so happy to witness the real Disneyland Castle in Paris!

Paris Disneyland Castle

Felt so touched when I see this landmark glowed in dark. When I heard Disneyland’s theme song at the same time, I was like being fetched back to my childhood in a time capsule.

That was really memorable, and I could not even believe that I am already a grown-up now.

Yes, time really flies…

Do you know that we actually have a true model of Disneyland Castle in real life?

It’s called the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Daytime

Looked rather gloomy in bad weather

Located in Fussen, Germany, this castle was built by King Ludwig II in year 1886 and took 17 years to complete.

 Germany Fussen Map

Very close to Munich and just lies at the border of Austria

Fussen Signboard

If you travel in a group of 2 to 6 person and departs from anywhere within Bavaria in 24 hours, it’s advisable to get a Bayern Group ticket for 27 Euros. Divided among your travel mates, this 27 Euros will make your trip cheaper.

It can be used in trains and buses. A perfect way for a one day trip within Bavaria.

Bayern Ticket

This is my first trip to Fussen for the sake of Neuschwanstein Castle and also my first experience to travel during winter time.

Fussen Bus Station

It’s amazing to see snow and feel the coldness of winter. Whatever photos I take will become gray-scale naturally. Maybe I am just making a big fuss out of it, but don’t forget that I come from a tropical country where this could never happen.


And stupid me, I did not know that melted frost will soak my gloves and sneakers. I spent my whole day travelling in cold with running nose. Winter was nice, and I mean WAS.

Due to the bad weather, hourly shuttle buses that travel between Neuschwanstein Castle and the ticket counter had been suspended and we were left with two options:

1) A 20-minute horse cart ride that costs 15 Euro per pax
2) Walking uphill for free

Don’t ask me why, but I chose option 2. Blame the cold please, my head malfunctioned because of it.

At least we had a more detailed observation during the climb:

Castle in the Mist

The girls vague castle

Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle built by Ludwig II’s father

Snow Scene

Picturesque snow scene

Hansel and Gretel

Cute little house that looks like the dessert house in Hansel & Gretel Fairy Tale

And that took us around one hour and we were still panting upon arrival at the castle.

Castle Main Gate

Neuschwanstein Floorplan

No photo-taking inside the castle, and therefore it’s up to you whether you want to pay 9 Euros for the tour.

I did, and found it worthy.

When we left the castle and spent another painful 1 hour journey walk downhill, the castle suddenly became the residence of Dracula instead of sleeping beauty…Aiks~~

And that was….

Neuschwanstein Castle in Night


Pitched-black, slippery, cold and spooky with no one else besides us, all I could think of was:

“I want to go home!!!”

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