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Buy piano sheets, how?

1. Add to Cart

Add to Cart

• Click on Add to Cart at the end of the post at www.ahdoe.com
• You will be directed to the paypal website upon clicking the button

2. Check your shopping basket

Shopping Cart

• The piano sheet will be itemized in paypal page with detailed billing information
• Click Continue Shopping if you want to shop for other piano sheets or click Proceed to Checkout to generate payment

3. Proceed to checkout


• Check the items once again before paying
• You can choose to pay with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or paypal account.

4. Credit Card Payment Page

Pay with Credit Card

• Fill in the form if you choose to pay with your credit card. Remember to fill in your email address so that you will receive an autogenerated email from paypal which contains the receipt number.
• Keep the email with you and the receipt number can be used as tracking purpose if you have not received any digital piano sheets from Ah Doe.

5. Check your email that you have entered in the Credit Card payment page


• Check your email which you have filled in at the credit card payment page
• This email shall be used as the proof of purchase

Email callme@ahdoe.com if you have further inquiries or technical problems during payment.

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