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I am a Vagabond

April 9th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Vagabond, not James Bond…

As Bon Jovi said: “It’s my life”, it’s seems to be really true on me.

A vagabond is a wanderer who has no permanent home, by the way.

Sometimes I am a little confused on where I wanted to settle down, especially nowadays. If I look on the bright side, I get to explore lots of places while I am still energetic. I mean, in terms of local culture, cuisines, and of course the people.

This has been continuous for around 10 years…

A little too long for me already.

A House

Big house

Starting from year 1999 till now, I have actually moved house 14 times! That’s pretty tiring I would say, especially when I am not the Godzilla type of girl. After the 10th experience, suffering from fatique and depression, I started to have less expectation towards the place I stayed.

There are a number of reasons for moving: Haunted house, relationship problems, expensive rental, relocation etc. All kinds of them and I can start to publish a book about my experience.

I think I can only start to post new piano sheets after settling down…

Oh ya, have to move the piano too….

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