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The Birthday Song – Corrinne May

June 28th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Many people came across my site because of Corrinne May‘s songs. Since I started this site, I happened to know about this talented singer/ composer and blogged about her. Never did I expect after transcribing her On the Side of Me and posted on my blog, I keep on receiving comments and suggestions to come up with her other songs.

Actually, transcribing Corrinne May’s song is relatively difficult. Unlike other songs, Corrinne May’s songs are very sentimental, soft and instrumental. It’s really near to unplugged performance. Therefore I tried my best to produce the utmost original transcription that I can.

This time, the long waited “The Birthday Song” from Corrinne May is finally available. Seems that this is the most anticipated piano sheet after “On the Side of Me”. I know that there are more, and maybe not this one. So many requests, but really, I can only do them one by one…

By the way, any volunteers to help me out?

 Corrinne May The Birthday Song Piano Sheet Preview
Corrinne May – The Birthday Song Piano Sheet Preview

The piano sheet is designed in 2 sections: The main melody and the piano accompaniment. It’s very useful if you can play and sing at the same time. I’ve added the piano tabs and lyrics as well, again, a very good indicator to follow the music.

A brief summary of this piano sheet:

  1. Piano sheet is in its original key, i.e. G Major
  2. Lyrics and piano chords included
  3. Main melody and piano accompaniment separated

You may find the piano sheet at the end of this post. Do download it and enjoy. This is one of my favourite works, not difficult and yet it sounds very professional.

Download the complete Corrinne May The Birthday Song Piano Sheet in PDF Format here.

Hey, you know? Next time, you can celebrate Birthdays with this song apart from the traditional one!


14 Responses to “The Birthday Song – Corrinne May”

  1. AhDoe - Music as an International Language » Blog Archive » Love Song for #1 by Corrinne May Says:

    […] The Birthday Song piano sheet download […]

  2. nako Says:

    hi there

    ah doe

    or shall i call you”阿鹿” hehe

    just randomly found ur site

    i’d say “good job” here

    thanks for thos music scores ,esp corrinne may’s

    i was just looking for them

    can you tell me how you can figure thos notes out

    i wish i could do it too

  3. marissa Says:

    thanks for posting this! i really need this for an upcoming birthday presentation! thanks thanks so much!

  4. cflee Says:

    Wow! I just ran across your transcription of On the Side of Me from Google, and thought I’d give your site a search anyway. You’ve certainly done a fantastic job of your transcriptions.. I don’t read anything that’s flown in from nowhere like any other transcribers do.

    Time for me to get back to learning how to use sibelius properly >_

  5. yiny Says:

    thank you so much, ah doe. I’ve been searching for it. really nice of you to share this with the world. hope you’ll make a great career out of the music industry. thanks.

  6. naomi Says:

    thanks for this!

  7. glenny Says:

    Hey. Just a passerby here. This is such a great song and thanks for posting this up. I really needed it. 🙂

  8. boris Says:

    Hey, Ah Doe!
    Thank you very very much for transcription and posting up too!! I’m really glad to get it here! It’s a great song – especially in your great authentic transcription!

  9. Vera Says:

    Hi Ah Doe,
    Just wanted to say a big BIG thank you for drawing up these scores. It’s such a meaningful and wonderful birthday song.

    You’ve been a real blessing.
    Thanks again!

  10. Sharleen Says:

    I’ve been looking for Corrinne May’s sheet music and couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you for your work here! I hope you will do more of Corrine’s songs. I’m excited to browse your other transcribes. Thanks again!

  11. mimosa Says:

    Thanks very much for the transcription, I don’t there are any sheet music available for Corrinne May out there… and its tough when you just love her songs so much. Thanks for the effort, and I agree that it’s hard to transcribe her songs that sound so effortless but there are actually many nuances. That said… 🙂 is it possible that you would ever transcribe Safe in a crazy world??? It’s such a beautiful song. I only managed to play by year the intro and I’m stuck. 🙁

  12. Amy Thomson Says:

    i just wanted to tell my grand daugher HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U !!!!!!!!!!!! BABY I LOVE YOU SO DOES UR OLD GRANMPA( OVER HERE)

  13. Carole Says:

    Great job! do you mind if I post it on my blog?
    Thank you,

  14. Ah Doe Says:

    Of course you can. 🙂

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