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It’s Amazing – Sex and the City Soundtrack

June 19th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Most probably I am among the first few people to publish this piano sheet online.

Till date, I have not watched Sex and the City film. I’ve planned to watch it, but just couldn’t find a perfect timing with relaxed mood to be in the cinema with mouthful of popcorn.

I’ll wait to see Carrie Bradshaw at my own television later.

Although I may be late to watch the movie, I am still an early bird for the soundtrack! I forwarded through each songs and found this song called “It’s Amazing“. And amazing-ly, Jem sang it.

Jem, Jemma Griffiths
Jemma Griffiths, best known as Jem

The opening is very classical, it makes me wonder why a harmonic minor scale can be plugged into a film that’s related to Sex and City. The song came to a twist when Jem’s voice enters with rhythmic bass at the background.

I have to admit that the harmonic minor scale made this song more extraordinary and it led me to transcribing it. (For those who are not familiar with Jem, she is a Welsh. Other than this song, she sang another popular song – “They)

Jem - It’s Amazing Piano Sheet Preview (Sex and the City Original Soundtrack)
Jem – It’s Amazing Piano Sheet Preview (Sex and the City Original Soundtrack)

As usual, some points to take note regarding this piano sheet:

  1. The piano sheet is designed at its original key, i.e. C Minor (3 Flats).
  2. Lyrics and chords included.
  3. The part where Jem’s singing is electronically distorted part is also transcribed. Therefore this piano sheet is completely put onto paper without any deletion of bars.

Lastly, this piano sheet is again, fairly easy with not many harmonics. For not-so ambitious players, feel free to give it a try.

Hey yo….please download It’s Amazing by Jem (Sex and the City Movie Original Soundtrack) Complete Piano Sheet in PDF Format here for free.


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