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How does Singapore look like from above?

July 11th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Supposingly, I am not allowed to take photograph from the airplane, and especially when it is still flying…


I was flying from Kuching to Johor Bahru alone. Nothing to do, nothing to eat because I was taking the cheap budget airline. While wondering when I can see the horn-bill land again, I secretly took this photo.

 Last Point of Sarawak
The Last Point of Sarawak

Sarawak, or I should say that the whole Borneo Island is densely covered with dark green tropical forest, crawled with several muddy rivers and filled with thick clouds in its sky. Humid and wet, this island naturally became a good place to farm tropical forests and animals.

 Borneo Map
Corresponding location where I took the photo

Around 45 minutes later, I saw an island country which is packed with buildings.

Singapore the Concrete Forest

Singapore the Concrete Forest 2
View of Singapore from sky above

What a huge contrast! A primitive land and a tiny little island filled with so many people, so many buildings. Suddenly in my mind, I think that living in big cities is kinda stressful and suffocating. Although the aerial view of Singapore has its charm, I am somehow turned off by it.

Think of it positively, Singapore is still very well organized though.

 Singapore Woodland Checkpoint
Have you spotted the JB – Singapore Causeway?

So that’s it, I am heading towards Singapore with a new job, new life. I am a little sad when I think that I can’t even go home often once I start this routine work, even if the plane ride is only 1 hour…


3 Responses to “How does Singapore look like from above?”

  1. Cy Says:

    hi Ah Doe,
    long time no “see”,i’m back again…
    hehehe…so u’re going to Sg for work?what will u be working as??
    u’re from Sabah KK?

  2. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi CY,

    Yalor, long time no “see” hor… I wonder where’s your hideout after you get Gary’s Betrayal piano sheet…haha

    I’m an engineer lah, working in SG, a Kuching girl…

    Strange hor? What a freak! Writing programming codes in the morning and working on piano sheets at night.

  3. Cy Says:

    u’re an engineer!!!
    i’m still a student lah…so sometimes abit busy to come online…(plus lightning strike always kena my modem :’

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