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Moving Forward

May 12th, 2008 by Ah Doe

6 months ago, I have been retrenched as a result of company shut down. I was left wandering in the real world for half year. Many people showed their concern by asking me about my job seeking progress and future plannings, and all I do mind is to spend more time with my family which I didn’t have the luxury to enjoy when my precious private time was fully occupied by routine works that I don’t enjoy much.

At first, there was this wonderful carefree Europe backpack trip, and I spent my Christmas in Greece, my 2008 New Year in Germany, and my Chinese New Year break at my hometown – Kuching.

Retrenchment is not so bad after all, isn’t it?

Chinese New Year is always an annual report of your achievement in the previous year, and mine, is very special:

I got retrenched, backpacked in Europe and will search for a new job

Perhaps doesn’t sound too good to many, but I really appreciate it.

Life suddenly slows down for me and I gradually realize what I have missed for the past few years. Having breakfast with my Mum, driving her around and recognizing new routes to new shopping complex, watching satellite television together, exploring new recipes, attended concerts and most importantly, we talked a lot about the future and the plannings.

And I get to enjoy cheaper off peak period air tickets with so few passengers sharing the same flight!

Remember those times, you have to check your calendar for long weekends, beg your boss to approve your leaves, and check with your colleagues to back you up in the office while you are away?

And today, I have to come back to reality again. My first day in a new company, with new faces around me and an unknown future here. It takes some time to learn and adapt, and there will be struggles to survive in this field, but anyway, this is just a start and not the end.

Today, the 12th of May, 2008.

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