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Oh..aria raio…OBA OBA OBA – Mas Que Nada

April 28th, 2008 by Ah Doe

I think I am crazy! Out of so many songs, I’ve chosen to transcribe this R&B song and put down all the Rap in notes.

(Drums rolling) Let’s welcome….The Black Eyed Peas’ Mas Que Nada!

To be fair, Mas Que Nada is the signature song of Sergio Mendes. This piano sheet version generally imitates all the rap and rhythms from Black Eyed Peas version. Not forgetting the strong base which brings out the merry Brazilian atmosphere too.

Mas Que Nada Cover

I’ve had the urge to compile this song when I first heard it. The gentle strum at the opening turned out to be the prelude of the Samba style behind.

In short, feel like shaking with the melody~

Come come, instead of dancing, let’s challenge yourself with this song on the piano.

Mas Que Nada Piano Sheet Preview

Mas Que Nada Piano Sheet Preview

Watch out for the different tempo before and after Bar 7. The tempo marks an important divider between the two melody styles.

Besides, several points about this piano sheet:

1) This piano sheet is in its original key, i.e. Ab Major.
2) Chords and Lyrics included.
3) There is not much accompaniment and chord enrichment at the part where female leading vocal enters the main melody, to make a little difference from the “rap” part.

Please download the complete Mas Que Nada Piano Sheet in PDF format here.



Have fun!

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