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China Mourns for Quake Victims

May 23rd, 2008 by Ah Doe

I have diverted my attention to the recent earthquake that struck Sichuan Province on 12th May 2008.

Sichuan Earthquake Aftermath

The earthquake aftermath

I am deeply sadden by the unfortunate incident and I sincerely hope to see more miracles happening since Day 1.

There are all sorts of touching stories about noble sacrifices and survivors struggling to get through the nightmares, and these made me realized that nothing else is important when you are dealing with alive or death matters.

Like what Linkin Park’s “In the End” lyrics says: “I tried so hard and get so far, in the end it doesn’t even matter“.

Urban creatures like me constantly grumble about life, work related stress, money matters and traffic jam. I remind myself that these are nothing so important that they could affect our life and make us forget about being nicer to others.

By the way, some people are just so stingy to say a simple thank you to the aunties who distribute free newspapers at MRT stations every morning.

One week after the deadly quake, Chinese mourns for the victims. Chinese websites changed to grayscale layouts to show their token of respect.

163.com Mourns


 Baidu Mourns


Google China Mourns

Google China

ifeng Mourns

Ifeng a.k.a Phoenix Web

Sina Mourns

Sina China

Sohu Mourns

Sohu China

Yahoo Mourns

Yahoo China

BTChina Mourns

China Bit Torrent Sharing Website

It’s a special moment for China. Everyone is holding hands to get through this difficult moment, so broken hearted and yet so united.

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