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Where is the Love?

November 5th, 2007 by Ah Doe

Love is a complicated thing…

When you are at 18, love is a pure feeling that draws you to someone you love.

When you are at 25, time and experience complicates love and the “pure love” we used to defined, could be affected by reality.

When you are 35, let’s say, if you are married. Are you still certain that there is still love in the marriage? It became life…

As time goes by, is love the same as it was before?

We know what is love through songs, educations, movies and experience. It can be put into words and actions, of course.

But, are you sure that it won’t fade with time?

It’s sarcastic that divorce rate is increasing today. It’s as easy as breaking up, although marriage is bonded by law.

How should we play our part, to keep LOVE fresh all the time?

Ask them…

Old Loving Couple

They shine among the crowd

How sweet…this scene is lingering in my brain now…
And it kept me wondering…

How did they do that?


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