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Nothing in My Way by Keane

November 2nd, 2007 by Ah Doe

I have been listening to their songs all this while but not even once, I took the initiative to find out who they are. Their songs are great, but on top of that, their piano is outstanding! This is why they have been honoured with the “The Piano Band” title and constantly compared with Coldplay.

Anyway, Coldplay fans…don’t get offended, I like both of Keane and Coldplay…(Phew~)

I just knew that there are 3 person in this team, namely Tim Rice-Oxley (Piano), Tom Chaplin (Lead Vocals) and Richard Hughes (Drums). Oh yes, they had a former member, Dominic Scott several years ago.

Keane in Person
Members in the band

These guys are talented people, I don’t know how they cross-fertilized the skills and knowledge but they actually switch roles on certain occasions. That means, Tom and Richard can play keyboard as well, while Tim can carry out with other functions. (Go toilet maybe? Hehe..)

Apart from “Everyone’s Changing“, I like their “Nothing in My Way” very very much! I don’t know what’s the reason, but I would say this song is like a spell casted on me because I could never forget its melody since the first time I heard it.

Under the Iron Sea Album by Keane
Nothing in My Way is from this album

Beware, Keane likes to hammer piano keyboards non-stop. It’s obvious in their songs…So, if you want to play their songs, take a deep breath and relax, hammer your piano keyboards steadily but not hurriedly.

Oh ya, watch out for your wrists!

Nothing in My Way Piano Sheet Preview
Nothing in My Way Piano Sheet Preview

Download and practise Keane’s Nothing in My Way Piano Sheet for free.

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  1. Linn Katt Says:

    Will keep this in mind, thanks!

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  3. Didie Says:

    Est-ce réellement les notes de musique jouées au piano ?

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