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Vitas sings Opera

October 2nd, 2008 by Ah Doe

Traditional operas may not be your cup of tea, but how about this?

Caution: Please watch the youtube video below, and standby to adjust your speaker volume.

His name is Vitas Bumac, a Russian, but according to his profiles, he was borned in Latvia. If the wonder woman Misia can sing up to 5 octaves, Vitas can sing more than that I think! I bet his high-pitched harmonics shattered numerous glasses before.

How about playing this song on your piano?

Vitas Opera 2 Piano Sheet Preview

It’s not that hard. All you have to do is to scratch through your keyboard to imitate the transition from low tone to the so called “dolphin’s whistle” pitch.

As usual, some information of this piano sheet:

1) Original key, including the transposition at later stage. In short, you will be dealing with F Minor and F# Minor.
2) No lyrics, I don’t know Russian.
3) Chords included for your convenience.

Please download Vitas Bumac’s Opera #2 Complete Piano Sheet for free here.

Are you ready?

3 Responses to “Vitas sings Opera”

  1. E_Kizr Says:

    Do you have another vitas’s famous music sheet?

  2. dde Says:

    thx for sharing~

  3. Matt Says:

    how do i find the sheet music for perhaps an orchestra?

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