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1st Anniversary of AhDoe.com

September 25th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Happy Birthday to AhDoe.com!!! I’ve almost forgotten about this until I checked my handphone reminder in the toilet yesterday. (Toilet?!?!?!)

I’d better skip the “Things I have done during the past one year” and “New Year Resolution“. This is the 1st Anniversary, it’s like some sort of AhDoe.com’s one year-old birthday and not AhDoe.com’s first New Year, so forget about listing all these craps under this post.

Ah Doe just wants to thank all of you who have supported this website, paid attention or requested something from the site and recommended this site to others. It’s not easy to transcribe songs. Really, I’m not lying about this! To construct a new piano sheet, the process includes finding the songs (Raw material lah!), listening to the songs and trap the songs in between to jot down the notes before I forget how they sound like, put them into notes, count the beats, add the lyrics and chords, and finally — audit the songs before I publish them.

Well, I shall talk about this in-depth next time.

Most importantly, I just want to let all of you know that your continuous support is the reason that kept me going on all the while. Big muaks to all of you!

Till now, Ah Doe has posted 48 piano sheets for free. To know which are the piano sheets in list, please check this link:

All Piano Sheets that Ah Doe had published from Sept 25 2007 till Sept 25 2008

There are numerous requests that I’ve yet to complete. I hope you can understand that it’s not easy because there is only one crew here. Thanks for your patience, just remember that Ah Doe has taken note of every comments and emails you left here.

Let’s march into the second year together!

4 Responses to “1st Anniversary of AhDoe.com”

  1. jiayu Says:

    Happy Birthday AhDoe.com!!! =D
    Thank You for sharing with us so many good music and music sheets!! =)
    加油!Your hard work is greatly appreciated=)

  2. nako Says:

    ohhhhh~~~~happly Bday^^

  3. Roos Says:

    Congrats!! xD

    Love, Roos.

  4. hyonimaru Says:

    i wish got 爱不疚 music notes

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