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On the Side of Me by Corrinne May

March 11th, 2008 by Ah Doe

I recalled that I just got to know Corrinne May through newspaper last year, and I’ve blogged about her during last year’s September at AhDoe.com.

Compared to Beyonce, Madonna, Black Eyed Peas who constantly dominate the hits radio from morning to night (Frankly speaking, their songs have been so popular that they appeared in countless type of Remix versions till now!), Corrinne May is not so lucky. Perhaps Light and Easy audience tend to have greater chances of listening to her in air.

 Beautiful Seed Album Cover

Corrinne May’s Latest Album in 2007: Beautiful Seed

After arranging so many musical scores and posting them to my blog, I’ve received emails and requests for Corrinne May’s piano sheets.

Not that I don’t like her. In fact, I really think that she is a very talented singer and music writer who deserves our recognition and support. Just that her songs rarely appear in radio stations or televisions.

Just few days ago, I began my work immediately once I received the source, and this is what I have today! (Clap clap~)

 On the Side of Me Piano Sheet Preview

Corrinne May’s On the Side of Me Piano Sheet Preview

Some remarkable attempts during the creation of this piano sheet that I would like to share with you all:

1) My first piano sheet that separates piano accompaniment and main melody.

2) The most complete version in history that includes lyrics, guitar chords, main melody and accompaniment. Previous versions do not offer such clear distinguishment.

3) Usually piano sheets come together with brief introduction of album and singer. This is an exception. Introduction first, then piano sheet and, it took me 6 months to get the source after listening to the song.

4) A hell lot of imperfect chords that make the creation tougher.

Dear desperate piano players who yearned for this piano sheet, please download this precious On the Side of Me piano sheet in PDF version for free here.

Again, last reminder: Song is in original key, A Major. One of my favourite key due to the cheer you can feel in it!


41 Responses to “On the Side of Me by Corrinne May”

  1. Moo Moo Says:

    Just watched the movie ‘My Leap Years’, love the song my Corine May ‘Happy Birthday’ very much. Can I request for the music scores? 🙂

  2. On the Side of Me by Corrinne May-Download Music Says:

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  3. girlgirl Says:

    hi there! ^_^
    nice blog!
    anwyay, do u happen to have the songsheet for “The Birthday Song”?

  4. Ah Doe Says:

    Moo Moo and Girl Girl,

    First of all, I have not watched this movie yet. And secondly, I don’t “own” piano sheets as collection. Instead, if there are some requests from my readers, I will try to arrange the music scores and put them up here.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into this anyway!

  5. Jo Says:

    Hi, I would like say a big thank you to u who have spend your time writting her song sheet for those corrinne may’s fan. I’ll be waiting for the song for number#1 song sheet! You are greatly apperciated! Have you written or composed any songs before? : )

  6. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for visiting AhDoe.com. More Corrinne May’s piano sheets are on the way.

    I have composed songs before, but I am too shy to let the others know…:p

  7. how to download free mp3 music Says:

    […] AhDoe – Music as an International Language wrote an interesting post today on On the Side of Me by Corrinne MayHere’s a quick excerptIntroduction first, then piano sheet and, it took me 6 months to get the source after listening to the song. … Dear desperate piano players who yearned for this piano sheet, please download this precious On the Side of Me piano sheet in PDF version for free here…. […]

  8. anne Says:

    hey! thanks for the on the side of me sheet music. you’re a great transposer! have you tried transposing love song for #1 sheet music btw? =P

  9. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Anne,

    You’ve flattered me! *Blush*

    I have also received several requests for her other songs. Patient, patient, one by one. Haha…

  10. Tia Says:

    I was asked last minute to sing at a friend’s 50th Birthday party which is tomorrow night – May 16!!! I was browsing for songs and came across this Corinne May, The Birthday Song. I have been searching for days for an accompaniment track or guitar chords, without success. I came across your site and saw that you received mail back in May with requests for this piano sheet. By chance, do you have it completed? I think I could work up the song even if I only received it by tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Ah Doe Says:

    Oh Dear,

    Today is already 16th May!

    The fact is, I still can’t find the source of this song, whether in MP3 or Audio format. This is very important to transcribe the songs into sheet music.

    I wonder if it is still late to offer you any help at this moment, but you can still drop me emails and preferably, attach the MP3 of this song and I’ll see what I can do with it.

  12. Christine Says:

    Hi! I actually stumbled upon this site while looking for Corrinne May sheet music – specifically, her song titled “Free”. If you ever have free time, you should try transposing that song! It’s very pretty. No rush though, and I can’t wait to see what other songs of hers you’ve transposed! =)

  13. Anthony Says:

    Hi! Can someone please send me an MP3 of Corrine May’s On The Side Of Me? My e-mail address is asyuy@yahoo.com. Thank you so much for those who will send.

  14. selene Says:

    do you have a guitar chords for on the side of me by corrinne may?

    i really love that song and i wanna learn it for someone/


  15. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Selene,

    I have included the chords in the piano sheet. You can find it above each bar.

    If not, are you asking for a transposed chords or other information that is unavailable on the piano sheet?

  16. jingping Says:

    pls sent me all the corrinne may song pls….
    i really like her song and no one sent it to me i beg you

  17. belle Says:

    ur song’s so inspiring… i jst got ur piano piece.. im so happy to have after hours of looking for it…tenks u’v shared it. God bless!!

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  19. nat Says:

    im just one of the passerby…
    LOL,thank you for posting corrinne’s “On the Side of me” ..
    i want to add to the mass’ request too 🙂
    Love song fo #1 !!!
    it’s getting popular..
    tsk tsk .. you are getting popular !!
    thanks again, for the songs youve posted.. 🙂

  20. bebeng Says:

    hi i really love corrinne may’s songs. could i request sheet music for more of her songs? please email me whenever you have new ones of her. thank you! 🙂

  21. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi bebeng,

    Ya sure, you may join the “request panel” too! 😀 But you did not leave any contact details behind. If possible, you can write an email to me so that I’d know to which email address I should send.

    Currently, I’m finalizing the song based on majority requests.

  22. jami Says:

    hey….where can i find an mp3 of “on the side of me”???i’ve been searching for a long time and i haven’t downloaded anything……pls. help me….i really love this song…


  23. Kelly Says:

    Thank you so much for these nice works.
    Actually I was looking for schore sheets of “Fly away” by Corrinne May. If you are interest in, can you please finalize this beautiful song, too? I’m leaving my message here because I could not find where the request panel is…

  24. LF Says:

    I chanced upon your website when surfing for information on Corrinne May. Thanks so much for the piano scores. Can you pls pls try to transpose her Love Song to #1 & Five loaves & 2 Fishes? If you have them, appreciate if you can email me.

    Thanks so much for sharing generously.


  25. EZZUL! Says:

    hey. i was wondering whether you could transcribe “same side of the moon” it’s a nice song

  26. kashieca wu Says:

    i love you corrinne… you are one of a kind..i love all of your songs … the meaning of it… very inspirational..
    fly away, on the side of me, fishes and loaves… beautiful seed…love you and keep it up… ^+^

  27. Therese Poh Says:

    Hi Ah Doe,

    Thanks for all your good work. Could you please add me on to the Corrinne May ‘request’ panel as well? Also feel free to ask me for audio version of her songs for your hard work because I have most of them in mp3 format.

    Thank you much.

  28. kashieca Says:

    hi Ahdoe…if you happen to have Corrinne May Piano Sheets, pls email me..i really am very desperate of these sheets which i cannot find anywhere…
    FLy Away, 5 loaves and 2 fishes… pls pls..tnx a lot… your site rox.. ^_^

  29. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi kashieca,

    Please drop me an email at callme@ahdoe.com so that I can have your email address.

    If case you are not aware of other Corrinne May’s piano sheets that I have posted out, do a quick search at my site with “Corrinne” as keyword.

  30. CC Says:

    Hey~!! I lOVE LOVE LOVE the song ‘THE BIRTHDAY SONG’.. its so so so meaningful… where can I download? can u send me the website to download, my email is cc.libra@hotmail.com… really thank alotzzz

  31. kat Says:

    hey.. 🙂 don’t have my adobe program right now.. can i have the copy of “on the side of me” sent to my mail? thanks… 🙂

    lovely page by the way..

    Thank you!! 🙂

  32. Mytch Gaddi Says:

    this is bloody brilliant!

  33. Janice Says:

    do you have a midi or video version of your sheet? thanks for the share!

  34. adeline02 Says:

    wahh!!!!!!!!! I have been looking for this piece since last year! haha.. 😀 thanks for this. =))

  35. Joaquin Says:

    Thanks for sharing the piano lyric sheet. Where can I get a piano lyric sheet for Fly Away. Thanks.

  36. James Says:

    Hi! Can you also send me the piano sheets of the songs “The Birthday Song” and “Angel in Disguise”? Thanks!

  37. Joshua Says:

    This is totally awesome, it was said that those who can play music and sight read perfectly are talented, but i think that those who can HEAR and have the dedication to transcribe the songs down so accurately was not just talented, but a true genius indeed, thanks for sharing your gifts and blessings to others

  38. Jo^_^ Says:

    Could you please make a piano sheet of the song “Fly away” by Corrinne May? I know its an old song but my mom just died and I want to play it for her. Please help me =(

  39. Ting Says:

    Anyone has piano sheet of the song “Fly away” of Corrinne May?
    If possible, could you sent it to my e-mail.
    I search for it for a long time.
    My e-mail is “ting2864@hotmail.com”
    Thank you very much

  40. Yosua Says:

    can you help me to make a piano sheet from corrinne may “fly away” ? I really need it. I’ve been searching for it for months

  41. J Says:

    Hi, just wanna say a big THANK YOU to you for the piano sheet! (:

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