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Goodbye to Mr. Goodbye…

March 16th, 2008 by Ah Doe

I knew it! I will become an old lady who sits in front of the television watching soap opera and constantly weep with a box of tissue paper beside me!

Gosh, it’s already happening now!

And again, without any pre-alert, I just happened to sit in front of the television and saw this handsome guy…

Jo Dong Hyeok

Mr Handsome Jo Dong Hyeok (赵东赫)

The story plot is quite interesting as well. That’s when I began to find that my buttock has been glued to the sofa since then.

Well well, Jo Dong Hyeok is not the main actor, but he alone is enough to make Mr Goodbye glow. Plus the main actor and actress…

Mr Goodbye Poster

Lee Bo Yeong (李宝英) and Ahn Jae Wook (安在旭)

That’s it! The story of how Ah Doe became a statue in front of television for few days.

The first few episodes are hilarious but I did not expect to use up the tissue paper towards the end. Bad scriptwriters! They must have been working in cahoots with tissue paper manufacturers to boom the sales! Bad bad bad!

And that’s how Mr Goodbye was named. If you are interested, please see it for yourselves. Once you see it, please also try to hunt for the OST for this drama, there are several nice songs you may want to keep.

Among all songs, I personally like “Goodbye” very much. Sad and gentle, it’s a good piece to play on the piano.

  Goodbye Piano Sheet Preview

Goodbye from Mr. Goodbye Korean Drama Piano Sheet Preview

Ah Doe strongly recommends all piano players to try this out! If I were to rate the difficulty of this piano piece, I’ll give it a 0.5 out of 5 stars compared to my previous piano sheets!

What are you still waiting for? Even if you haven’t watched Mr. Goodbye yet, this piano sheet is still a nice and easy assignment for you. Just remember to use more pedal to maintain the echo and of course…the atmosphere.

Download complete Goodbye Piano Sheet (from Korean drama Mr. Goodbye) in PDF format for free here.

Nah, you don’t need any tissue paper for it!


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