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Dear, that’s not love (亲爱的,那不是爱情)

March 20th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Another Angela Zhang’s (张韶涵) nice song after her famous “Invisible Wings” (隐性的翅膀).

However, not every of her songs suits my appetite. Angela is well known for her wide range of pitch, that makes her capable of singing high-tone songs that others can’t. But sometimes, when her voice reaches certain pitch, I’ve been vibrating like a tuning fork. Please don’t forget that we are still human, “vibrating like a tuning fork” is only a step away to the effect of “shattering glass”. Hahaha…so, well, *ahem*, I mean, only some of her songs….

Her latest album, Ang 5.0 is already sticking to the radio station billboard now. I really like her “Dear, that’s not love” (亲爱的,那不是爱情).

  Angela Zhang Ang 5.0 Album Cover

Angela: If this is my 3rd album, I will name it “Ang Ang Ang

You know, the first question arises when I first heard this song: Wow, who can compose such nice song besides Jay Chou?

Then I checked and found out that the composer is really him! Jay!

Ah Doe singing: Oops, Jay did it again…

Wonder what’s the lyrics? Translation time!

~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

The accordion in the classroom is playing.
It sounds like how you confessed to me
and reminds me of your gentle movements.
I watched your back when you turned around after delivering your letter that was filled with care to me with a wan smile.
I hold the lukewarm milk bottle in my hands firmly
and I can feel the similar warmth in my heart wherever you are with me,
Those days are like a carousel that keeps spinning in my head,
and I see the good memories of how good you were to me.

You said a commitment is established once you hold my hands,
But dear, that’s not love,
Just like how we missed to make a wish to the shooting stars,
No matter how beautiful they were,
they were already bygones,
We made beautiful promises because we were too young,
But dear, that’s not love,
Just like an elf residing in a wrong forest,
our love was a clear mistake.

~.~.~.~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

By the way, this is the second time Jay Chou mentioned about drinking milk in the lyrics. Remember the Cowboy is busy?

OK, heading into the main point now: Piano sheets? Music scores? Music Sheets?

Look what have I got here?

Dear, that’s not love Piano Sheet Preview

Angela’s Dear, that’s not love (亲爱的,那不是爱情) Piano Sheet Preview

Facts about this piano sheet:

  1. This piano sheet is in its original key, A Major. (The happy tune again)
  2. Lyrics included, chords included.
  3. Several difficult bridges that require swift Major 3rd and Minor 6th scale progression practice. Good luck!
  4. Not suitable to be played or sung during wedding ceremony. Unless you change this song to: Dear, that’s love!

The last point listed up there is not important though…

Ah Doe hopes that all of you have a good time with this song. Please download the complete PDF version of Angela Zhang’s (张韶涵) “Dear, that’s not love” (亲爱的,那不是爱情) Piano Sheet here.

Before I end this, I cordially hope that Angela can recover from her sickness faster and have her best shot at her concerts in Singapore!

Gambatte! Aza Aza fighting!


6 Responses to “Dear, that’s not love (亲爱的,那不是爱情)”

  1. summerscent Says:

    thank you so much for sharing this!! =)
    i really appreciate it^-^
    thanks alot!! =)

  2. Ah Doe Says:


    You’re welcome, have fun practising on piano. 🙂

  3. summerscent Says:

    thanks! =D
    btw, do you watch the korean drama ” Famous Princesses aka The Infamous Chill Sisters aka 传闻中的七公主”?? it’s on air every Monday to Friday, 7pm-8pm, on Channel U! ^-^

  4. jessica Says:

    ummm… but in here there is no channel U…
    Do you know what channel # and cable is that?
    i hope you do! cause i really want to watch it…

  5. jessica Says:

    and do you have the piano sheet of invisible wings by angela zhang? yin xing de chi bang
    i really want to learn it… u can email me if you got it…

  6. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I didn’t transcribe Angela’s “Invisible Wings” because it is already available at the market and even at some websites.

    By the way, Channel U is a TV channel in Singapore. I’m not sure how you can watch it outside of Singapore.

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