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The most difficult song to be transcribed into piano sheet!

March 22nd, 2008 by Ah Doe

I was in the midst of researching some nice songs to be put into piano sheets. Old songs, folk songs, pop songs are all taken into account for the selection.

Suddenly, the entertainment channel was showing Bjork’s recent concert in Hong Kong. If Bjork sounds new to you, let me tell ya, she is from Iceland.

When I was travelling in Europe, a tourist who has been to Iceland told me that Icelanders really need to wear makeup to emphasize their face features. The reason is: Their faces are as pale as sheet….

Just an interesting story to share with you. I don’t know because I have not been there before.

Back to Bjork now. I seldom listen to her songs, and I find them too “digital” for me. My impression of her is her controversial swan dress on the red carpet.


Bjork’s Swan Dress

Swan: Quack Quack here, Quack Quack there, here Quack there Quack everywhere Quack Quack!

Voted as the WORST dress ever seen during ceremony, Bjork achieved a milestone in her career. Nevertheless, Bjork responded with this….

“You only see this dress in your eyes, but you did not notice the egg beside my feet. All of you have neglected my creativity!”

Ok, let’s rewind….and check again!

Bjork Swan Dress with Egg

Bjork: Today, I celebrate Easter with this egg

I find it rather hard to appreciate her new song called Declare Independence as well. But again, this is merely from my personal view.

I really have no idea on how to put this song on a piece of paper…


4 Responses to “The most difficult song to be transcribed into piano sheet!”

  1. Jaime Says:

    Hi. Thank you for all the music scores that you put up in your blog. Do you know where I can find “Home” which is in Goong OST (disk 2)? I have been searching everywhere for it.

  2. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Jaime,

    You are most welcomed.

    Hmmm…”Home”…I don’t remember how this song sounds like although I have watched this drama. Will have to revise before coming up with the piano sheet.

    Well, may have to wait a while. :p

  3. Jaime Says:

    Thank you very much. It wasn’t in the drama. it was in the 2 disc of the OST. Looking forward to it.

  4. Jules Says:

    hello! could you please transcibe ‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles? It’s a really awesome song and I’d love to play it on the piano. 😀

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