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Writing a Poem for You (为你写诗)

June 13th, 2008 by Ah Doe

I just don’t know why, Kenji Wu (吴克群) sparked conflicts in the entertainment industry several times, ending up being accused of copying others’ music and lack of creativity. Rumours said that Jay Chou rallied Kenji on his music due to this reason.

Well, rumour is rumour. We shall separate personally feelings and music before going deeper into the discussion.

I am Kenji Wu a.k.a. Wu Ke Qun 
I am Kenji

Ironically, Writing a Poem for You (为你写诗) does not sound so nice when I first listened to it. It was nice, I mean, but is not nice enough to be recommended. The creative part of this song is to insert a piano piece that sounds like a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” concerto as the bridge halfway. Jay has done this several times if we want to compare.

However, the MTV of this song does not look so bad.

Unlike those legendary crystal grand piano that was showcased in Jay’s live concert, Kenji chose this yellow-painted upright piano….which looks a little more special than the dull pianos we used to see.

Kenji Wu and his Yellow Piano
Kenji Wu and his Yellow Piano

By the way, if I am not wrong, this is a German made Hoffman Piano.

I have done the piano sheet for Kenji’s Writing a Poem for You as well.

Writing Peom for You Piano Sheet Preview
Piano Sheet Preview of Wu Ke Qun (吴克群) Writing Poem for You (为你写诗)

Information about this piano sheet:

  1. Piano sheet designed in original key, i.e. C Major, then D major upon transposition
  2. Lyrics and chords included
  3. Take note of the sudden change of tempo in the middle part, the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” concerto part. I’ve added indicators like accelerando, a tempo, diminuendo etc.

Click here to download Kenji Wu (吴克群)’s Writing a Poem for You (为你写诗) complete piano sheet for free now.

I suppose guitar players will have fun with this song because the song starts with pure guitar accompaniment at the beginning. The presence of chords helps, so I’d suggest guitarist to play this.

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