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Why Ah Doe’s Piano Sheets are in PDF Format?

November 16th, 2007 by Ah Doe

If you have been reading AhDoe.com, you’d find that I have created all the piano sheets in PDF format.

Instead of midi files, overture files, Finale files, scorch files and all other files that musical notation software are able to open, I chose PDF. Of course there are reasons behind this:

  1. PDF is common among computer users. It is almost on par with Microsoft Document.
  2. Users don’t have to install other software to read the digital piano sheets.
  3. The sheet music alignment has been preset and fixed, you print what you see. As simple as that!
  4. File size is small, easy to pass around if you want.
  5. Readable foreign characters such as Chinese and Japanese for users.
  6. Piano Sheets are “zoom-able” with PDF
  7. Original and hard to modify.

Only regret is that you can’t listen to a PDF file. This is why I am considering to include the audio file together with the piano sheets in future. This will be helpful to those who are rather weak in sight-reading.

Yes, that is still in progress, and hopefully Ah Doe will bring you good news soon!

2 Responses to “Why Ah Doe’s Piano Sheets are in PDF Format?”

  1. chicara Says:

    hey ahdoe, thanks for making all the sheet music! can you please make a page linking to all the sheet music so i can see quickly what songs you’ve done, instead of having to search? thanks!

  2. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Chicara,

    Thanks for the wonderful suggestion! I will see to this soon.

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