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Two Words by Lea Salonga – By Request

November 16th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Now this is another request from one of my readers.

I suddenly had a feeling that my readers have good tastes in song selection. In the end I got all the best song recommendations from them.

Before Mei suggested me to transcribe Two Songs by Lea Salonga, I didn’t even know who is Lea Salonga…what a shame! The worst is, I didn’t even know that she was the one who sang “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, “Colours of the Wind” from Pocahontas and “Reflection” from Mulan!

Lea Salonga

One thing good about running AhDoe.com, I really learn a lot from my readers. 🙂

Lea Salonga is from Phillipines. She speaks really good English and sings really well that she made her way through the broadway theatre!

If you’d like to listen to her, and if you are in or near Singapore, you can watch the Cinderella Musical Tour in which Lea Salonga plays the role of Cinderella!

Lea Salonga in Cinderella Stage show

“Two Words” seems to be an all time favourite, especially during wedding ceremonies. Now I can add one more song to “Songs to be played in wedding ceremonies

Two Words by Lea Salonga Piano Sheet Preview
Two Words by Lea Salonga Piano Sheet Preview

I know you are getting impatient with all these introductions, so, let’s get started now!

Facts about this piano sheet:

1) It’s in original key, i.e. E Major
2) Lyrics and Chords included
3) Whole-heartedly original…

Download link for Lea Salonga’s Two Words complete piano sheet

If you are interested in a more complete version of this song, you can opt for this music score with cello and violin.


70 Responses to “Two Words by Lea Salonga – By Request”

  1. mei Says:

    OMG!! Thanks a lot Ahdoe! You’re the best!
    Keep the posting!I cant wait to play now. He3x

  2. Ellen (LEF) Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Been wanting this for so long. You’ve just made my day. Forever indebted to you. You’re AWESOME!!!

  3. Grace Says:

    Thank you for posting the music sheet. This is such a lovely song. perfect for the wedding vows.

  4. Alena Says:

    Fantastic arrangement. I’m so delighted that someone has finally made the sheet music available for the rest of us 🙂

  5. Alexie Says:

    I’m so delighted! I’ve been searching for the music sheet for months! Now I can surprise my husband-to-be on our wedding on Dec. 30! Thanks to Lea Salonga and to the arranger and composer of the song. Thanks a lot,Ahdoe! you’re great!!!Ü

  6. Amie Says:

    Thank you so much for the sheet music for this!!!! I can’t wait to sing this…

  7. Ah Doe Says:

    Dear all,

    Glad that you like the piano sheet. You’re most welcomed.

    Congratulations! I’m sure your husband (It’s after Dec. 30, I changed the “husband-to-be” title) appreciates your effort.

  8. maan Says:

    im so excited to play this song.however, where is the rest sheets?

  9. Tad Says:

    Hi..i’m also looking for the sheet..
    but i can’t open your sheet,it’s all blank..
    can u help me?

  10. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Tad,

    Please see my reply at your mailbox.

  11. Madz Says:

    Thanks for this music sheet

    i really really want to sing this song on my wedding day…

  12. peeaye Says:

    FYI bout Lea Salonga:
    Princess Jasmin’s singing voice in Disney’s Aladdin/ Mulan’s singing voice in Disney’s Mulan (Pocahontas’ singing voice is Judy Kuhn)
    “Two Words” composed by Louie Ocampo was sung by Lea as her wedding vow. no wonder it’s popular as a wedding song :>

  13. mel_multimedia Says:

    hi ah doe..thanks much for the copy..i owe you much!

  14. Teeranai Na Nongkai Says:

    Thank you very much for the piano sheet of Two Words. I like the copy very much.

  15. Chassy Says:

    OMG .. Thanks sooo much this really helps

  16. jerby santo Says:

    I’d like to give some clarification’s on your statement..”Lea Salonga is from Phillipines, but she talks really good English and sings really well ” …. It’s as if you’re making an inference that the English of most Filipinos are inferior. FYI, The Philippines is the 3rd biggest English speaking country in the world so it is not surprising that Lea speaks good English. Anyways, I’m also grateful that you’ve featured this song composed by Louie Ocampo who’s also a Filipino

  17. wyman Says:

    awesome dude. thanks for sharing.

  18. pinay Says:

    i really really love this song “two words” and i live hearing Ms. Lea Salonga singing.. it makes me cry.. i love to hear it.. truly a soulful wedding song for all.. waaaah.. love it!

  19. h.odra Says:

    Thanks for sharing this music sheet. It’s a lovely song and a lovely arrangement as well.

  20. wanderlust Says:

    Thank you! this is just so beautiful.

    Best Regards from Malaysia!

  21. Dwarfstar Says:

    Thank you very much of your kindness.

  22. sharon Says:

    will be playing this on august 8….

  23. eve Says:

    you are such an Angel!
    Thanks a lot! I am sure my friend will be so happy to have this song in her wedding!

  24. Dick says: Says:

    This is the perfect message in song for my wedding. A beautiful tune, and your vocal is
    addicting. I play it over and over again. Thank you so much. Two Words I Do

  25. Edc Says:

    Hi, would like to clarify that it was Judy Kuhn who did Pocahontas’ ‘Colors of the Wind’ and not Lea Salonga as you mentioned. Just a little bit of trivia. ::wink::

  26. ara Says:

    I’m thinking to use this song for my own wedding. The trouble is who can sing it as beautiful as Lea Salonga?

  27. Melissa Says:

    Thank You! You’ve just made my wedding complete!

  28. Au Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  29. malou Says:

    hello! can someone help me find a full violin/cello sheet of two words..will be needing it for my wedding..if you have, kindly post it here or send to my email address: malou25_alberto@yahoo.co.uk..thanks a lot!!!

  30. malou Says:


  31. Cheryl Says:

    I too am looking for a full violin/cello sheet of two words. Is it possible to email it to me also?
    Thank you!

  32. Valerie Says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for posting! Any chances that there is sheet music with the violin/cello part as well? WOuld love to have at my wedding. Please email at: valeriecq@yahoo.com
    Thank you in advance!

  33. Sylvia Says:

    I would like to purchase a full violin/cello sheet of the song “Two Words” as soon as possible. It would really mean so special to me as this is the song I pick for our renewal of vows in celebration of our 25 years of marriage coming really soon. Thank you so much.

  34. Ah Doe Says:

    For those who are interested in this song with cello and violin, please check your mail box or visit this link:


  35. kate Says:

    thank you so much! (“, )

  36. lalyn Says:

    hi….love the music sheet but tried to click the link for the cello and violin but it said on the page that there’s no post there. can you please email me the cello and violin part? thanks. email ad: jasmilyn@yahoo.com

    big thanks!!!!

  37. rowena Says:

    hi! please send me the violin and cello for this song.. i really need it. thank you very much!

  38. Katherine Says:

    I’d like the arrangement for piano, violin and cello as well. I will be singing it to my husband when we renew our vows. Thank you for notating the music.

  39. merry eve Says:

    can i have a simple musical score in piano(bec. i am still a beginners to play that such a piano) of Two Words_I DO by lea salonga.. ? thank u!
    i appreciate it!!

  40. Amy Says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for posting – and as I look at the accompaniment of the vocal line, it must be transcribed an octave higher than she actually sings – am I right about that? Because I just listened to her sing it and it’s much much lower. Thank you so much! (I want it sung at my wedding next August and am so grateful for this!)

  41. Abbie Says:

    Thank you so much for this! You saved me a lot of trouble. God bless you!

  42. Owen Says:

    thank you so much for the music sheet. I’ve been looking for this one coz i will sing at my friends wedding on Oct 9!

    it helps a lot!

  43. Joan Says:

    Thanks so much! I finally got a copy of its piece for my wedding. Lea Salonga is one of our best artist and is truly every Filipino’s pride!

  44. CS Says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for this for so long. You are a treasure.

  45. Pebbles Says:

    Hi! I would like to say that i too really love the song and it made me cry when i first heard it. I wasn’t familiar with it until now, when a friend of mine is getting married and wanted me to play the song for their wedding. It is just so wonderful, and i love Lea Salonga!!!!
    How may i obtain a copy of the piano part?

  46. Stacia Seward Says:

    This song is wonderful. I would like the violin and piano music for my wedding. It is in Feb 2010. How can I buy a copy? If anyone has it and can email it to me that would be wonderful. stacia_seward@trihealth.com

  47. Cindy De Mesa Says:

    I really would like to play this song on the piano. Could you please e-mail it to me at cindydemesa2010@gmail.com? Thanks so much!

  48. blake Says:

    HI, I need all the piano music for lea salong I do. thanks!! How do I get it?

  49. Fengkai Says:


    Tnx. So much!!!!
    it’s nice to have people who are so good!

    God Blez! 🙂

  50. Ayen Says:

    I really like this song. I really want to find this pieces. Thanks now I found it.. =) God Bless!

  51. aone Says:

    thanks AhDoe… i’ve been looking for this for a long time.

  52. Dorothy lee Says:

    Thanks i looking for a while hu~~!!

    this one for my wedding i will sing to my husband hahaha thanks so much!!!

  53. Gene Says:

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing this. I am thrilled to find it as I have been searching for it for several years.

  54. segundino Says:

    thank u ……..looking for my friend’s wedding

  55. Michelle Bautista Says:

    Hi Ahdoe,

    Can you send me the piano sheet for Two Words the one in your site only shows me one page and is blurred ,really appreciate it

  56. Dory Says:

    Hi! Just a minor correction, on measure 78, the words would have been “never with (sadness)” instead of “no trace of (sadness)”. Thanks for this one!

  57. Mj Says:

    I really love the song and will be asking my 9 yr old niece to play it during my wedding ceremony. It will be a surprise for my mom who will walk me down the aisle and also a surprise to my fiancé . Is there a way we can have a more simplified version of it in a piano? I will truly appreciate it. Best regards!

  58. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Mj,

    So far this is the only pure piano score I have, unless you want to consider the orchestral version which includes violin, cello and piano accompaniment.

  59. Deedeee Says:


    Would you be so kind as to email me the piano score and orchestral version please? Does the full piano score go with the orchestral version too if i just used the orchestral version for a violin? Thank you!

  60. beverly Says:


    I’m trying to get a copy but it looks like only the 1st page is available. Any chance you can send me the rest of the pages?

    Thanks a lot!!!


  61. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi beverly,

    The complete piano sheet is embedded within this page itself.

    Look for this line:

    Download link for Lea Salonga’s Two Words complete piano sheet

  62. Vicky Says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing. It’s such a beautiful song!!!
    Keep up the great job.

    Warmest regards.

  63. Patrick Says:

    Dear Ah Doe…

    wonderful.. thank you for sharing this wonderful song. GBU friend 🙂

  64. lalah robosa Says:

    can i get this musical piece… i need to sing this on my wedding day this 26th of Jan. thanks a lot

  65. Ah Doe Says:

    Please look for “Download link for Lea Salonga’s Two Words complete piano sheet” within this page. It’s the link to the piano sheet.

    If you are interested in a more complete version of this song, you can opt for this music score with cello and violin at https://www.ahdoe.com/?p=702

  66. primevictor Says:

    thank you very much for the sheet. God bless.

  67. moonrise Says:

    Thanks for your sharing good stuff..

  68. Catherine Says:

    I really so so grateful to you Ah Doe,indescribable feeling ,and I’m so glad I found your page. GOD WITH YOU.

  69. Emmanuel Zaie Says:

    Pls email to me how much a copy of Two words by Lea Salonga.
    I need it For a wedding .

  70. Ingrid Says:

    Please email me a copy of the song in piano violin and cello arrangement. Need it for a wedding.

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