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The Painted Veil

October 4th, 2007 by Ah Doe

I never knew that China can be so beautiful in the eyes of Western movies. The Painted Veil proved that I was wrong.

 The Painted Veil Poster

Mainly shot in Guilin, China, The Painted Veil emphasized a touching love story in front of the beautiful backdrop. Kitty (Played by Naomi Watts) and Walter (Played by Erward Norton) were ordinary couple who just got married and moved to China. An affair between Kitty and Townsend (Played by Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts’s boyfriend in real life, as the gossip said) almost destroyed the marriage and there is totally no romance from the beginning.

I even virtually agreed that Kitty and Walter might as well file for a divorce…

After Kitty and Walter moved to countryside, where Walter volunteered to assist with cholera epidemic, things began to change. I realized how life can change a person’s perspective. Kitty saw the gentle and noble side of Walter; and this helped her to ponder how she can contribute to the villagers and children in such difficult time.

The story is plain and simple, but I’d still give a thumb-up (Changed my mind, make that TWO please!) because the way how this story is presented, throbs deep into my heart.

Ahdoe.com will introduce you two classics that are representatives in this movie:

Trois Gnossiennes 

Trois Gnossiennes by Erik Satie, a French Musician and Pianist. Not too difficult, give it a try!

It’s ok, I know there is only one page. You can download the PDF version of Trois Gnossiennes piano sheet music at ahdoe.com as well.

Another song to come…it’s A La Claire Fontaine (What? A French riddle?)

Yes, it is, but with brand new expression by Laure Shang (尚雯婕), a talented Chinese Singer, who also worked as a French translator in Shanghai.

The Painted Veil Music Score Preview

A La Claire Fontaine Piano Sheet Music

Again, I thought you might be interested in a full version of A La Claire Fontaine Piano Score. Please help yourself with the download, and don’t worry, it’s free. I welcome any comments about it and it helps me to improve a lot. (Thanks Dude~)

“When you asked whether you are in love with a person, you are already in love…” Quoted by Ahdoe, inspired by The Painted Veil

How beautiful isn’t it? 🙂

18 Responses to “The Painted Veil”

  1. Janet Says:

    Do you know if River Waltz from Painted Veil has been published in piano sheet music? Would like to purchase.

    Thank you.

  2. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Janet,

    As far as I know, I have not found any published piano sheet for this movie yet.

    I am also not too sure how River Waltz sounds like, although I have seen this movie. I will go through this movie or its OST to review the possibility of making the piano sheet and post it here.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. rocket french Says:

    rocket french…


  4. genverie Says:

    musician like this girl is cool

  5. Roos Says:

    Wow, thanks so much! Beautiful music, honestly. Oh, and responding to Janet: the River Waltz is published in “Essentail film themes Vol. 5”, if you’re still interested (and if your ever going to read this… oh well)

    Again, thank you for the music =)
    Love, Roos.

  6. nan Says:

    hi thanks so much for all the sheet music..i was wondering if you have RIVER WALTZ its also from the painted veil soundtrack….here is what it sounds like
    its very beautiul but i cant find the sheet music anywhere..it said its out of stock. 🙁

  7. Pablo Says:

    My congratulation with first place in overall count on Olympic Games. Basketball team was the best!

  8. AhDoe - Music as an International Language » Blog Archive » The Painted Veil - River Waltz Says:

    […] I watched this movie almost one year ago… […]

  9. Jelyn Says:

    I love this movie very much.
    Thank you for the piano sheet of River Waltz.
    I was wondering if you have Gnossienne 1, it’s also from the same movie…

  10. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Jelyn,

    You can try to search for “Trois Gnossiennes” in this same post. The link will invoke the piano sheet directly.

  11. MK Says:

    You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find the sheet music to song the The Painted Veil (the first track on the OST)? Thanks!

  12. Nancytill Says:

    thank you for publishing the music from the Painted Veil. It would be great if the search for Title music or composer was listed from from a to z.

    Thank you

  13. leila Says:

    thx anyway,wonder if u got the whole piece of “a la claire fondaine” cz im eagerly to play it,but cannt find it in china

  14. leila Says:

    could you plz do me a favor…i was wondering if you could send the whole piece of “a la claire fontaine”,the piano sheets to my mail: wdlxn@126.com . because im in China, most foreign webs are blocked by chinese govt….

  15. Diane Lee Says:

    I would love to find the music for “River Waltz”–do you have it, or know where I could find it?

  16. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi Diane,

    The River Waltz piano sheet is within this link:


  17. Daqing Li Says:

    You would be surprised to find out that Laure Shang has made so much progress that she has even published two albums with lots of song in English and French composed and lyrics-written by herself. She will also have an concert in Paris this July and attend Spa Tribute Festival at Belgium after that.

  18. Frank Says:

    The download for a la claire fontaine doesn’t work. Can you help me out in this?

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