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Smoke Gets in my Eyes

March 22nd, 2010 by Ah Doe

I was not getting enough quality sleep for the pass few weeks because of haze in Singapore. Almost every night I could smell the burning smell from my bedroom and during my sleep, I might just sprang out of my bed and started searching for possible source of fire.

I would miss my kampung life when that happens, where the sky is still blue with thick clouds and the plants are still surviving with enough oxygen.

So literally all the documentaries featuring climate change, end of the world and the damage on ecology system could be correct, and we human deserve it. Maybe it’s too late to realize that, but it’s better than we never realize.

Out of frustration, I did this song.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Piano Sheet Preview
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Piano Sheet Preview

Listen to the piano sheet demo:

About this piano sheet:

1) Original key: Eb Major and briefly transposes to B Major

2) Chords and lyrics included

This is from The Platters’s version and it’s an all time favourite song since the 30s.

The Platters

I was just inspired when I accidentally heard this song from my mp3 playlist. It is so gentle, sweet and sentimental and reminded me of those old beautiful times when human just led simple life.


Download link for The Platters’ Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Complete Piano Sheet.

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  1. nana Says:

    您好,你有新三国 (高希希导演的)片尾曲正谱吗?

  2. Ah Doe Says:


  3. AhDoe - Music as an International Language » Blog Archive » List of Music Sheets Says:

    […] Smoke Gets in my Eyes […]

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