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Rule the World by Take That, from Stardust

December 10th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Stardust is just awesome! This is a movie that I can’t really explain its plot in just few words. This is the best magical thriller I’ve seen in these 2 years and Narnia stands no where in between.

It’s romance fits in our culture as well, and I can officially categorize it as a romantic magical thriller.

Stardust Poster

I would not elaborate on the story because it is meant for audience to find out themselves. All I can reveal is: This movie is about a star and a chaotic chase for it!

Take That is also involved in this movie as well. Their first contribution to a movie is actually this song called “Rule the World“, which only plays at the end of the movie.

Rule the World by Take That (Stardust) Piano Sheet Preview
Rule the World by Take That (Stardust) Piano Sheet Preview

Some notes about this piano sheet:

1) It’s in original key, D Major
2) Lyrics and chords are included
3) Rich harmonics, moderate difficulty

Download link for Rule the World by Take That (Stardust) Complete Piano Sheet



Even if you have not watched Stardust, you really ought to give this song a try. Songs from Take That will not disappoint you after all.

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