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Piano Sheet from You’re My Destiny (命中注定我爱你)

September 18th, 2008 by Ah Doe

I can’t resist the continuous promotion of this Taiwanese Drama, I see it everywhere: The Newspaper, Internet, VCD outlets etc. I don’t even know who is this guy called Ruan Jing Tian/ Ethan Ruan (阮经天) before I watch the drama, I just can’t stop being curious about this drama and how it got the recognition from the press.

So, Ah Doe decided to see it for herself, and unexpectedly got hooked to the computer for days! Shit, I underestimated the charm of this drama!

You’re My Destiny Poster
You’re My Destiny Poster

First Episode: Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen (陈乔恩) showed off their “skills” by having a one night stand.

One Night Stand - Joan Chen and Ethan Ruan
18sx – No kids please!

Good start! Joan Chen got pregnant after their “ahem” and the story circles around how they advanced from strangers to husband and wife, with another girlfriend and the baby between them, the love story gets a little complicated.

There are some funny settings in the episodes but I don’t favour all of them. Some of those are quite lame for me. Overall, this show will send another wave for drama lovers. Ethan Ruan is the Taiwanese version “Kwon Sang Wu” due to his ever ready teary eyes, handsome outlook, nice body figure (He was a swimmer) and most importantly, he is the best spokeman of the spoony character in this drama.

Out of many songs from this drama, my favourite one is “My Happiness” (我的快乐) by The Jin Xiu Duet (锦绣二重唱). This song normally will be played at sad scenes and romantic scenes. It’s a triple Beat song that goes well with the step of Waltz.

Misty Dance Floor + Nice looking Couples + Beautiful Music + Waltz

I really like this song, it sounds a little tragic but romantic, the piano movement is similar to those Jazz in piano lounge. I can’t explain why I’ll become sentimental when I listen to it.

I believe many people out there are hunting for this song, here’s one for you!

My Happiness from You are My Destiny Drama Piano Sheet Preview

Facts about the piano sheet:

1) It’s in original key, A Minor (No accidentals, but some sharps due to the melodic Minor)

2) 3 beats, remember to focus on the bass. If not others can’t dance with it ok?

3) Lyrics and chords included

4) The melody and accompaniment are separated. You can choose which one to play, or you can re-design the whole sheet on your own

5) Oh, I hope you can pass through some difficult parts. There are Appregios, Chromatic Scales, Octaves, Dotted Quavers and a solo! Without this, this song will not be as nice as it is…

So…do practise and I hope you can play like him

Lastly, the download link (台湾偶像剧命中注定我爱你钢琴谱下载):

My Happiness (我的快乐) from Taiwan Drama You’re My Destiny (命中注定我爱你) Complete Piano Sheet Download Link


12 Responses to “Piano Sheet from You’re My Destiny (命中注定我爱你)”

  1. Cy Says:

    very well done!!
    i love this piano music~!
    thanks doe!

  2. xiiaojun Says:

    wow nice ! hii again .. tis time i ned ur help again cos my friend wanted it its a janpanese anime theme song could u help . i gt the mp3 tis time^^

  3. cyyt Says:

    Thanks!!!!! Been looking everywhere for this!(:

  4. may Says:

    hi! 😀 i’ve seen piano sheets of corrinne may’s song on your site and i love them. 😀 i was wondering if you could make a piano sheet for Journey..? 🙂

  5. Grace Says:

    Me too. was hooked. Have been sleeping 3-5 hours a day just to watch the drama at nite. 我的快乐 was also my favourite`.

    Suits Elaine most. Stuck in between of wanting to be the independant Elaine yet deep inside she longs to be 存希’s 便利贴女孩!

  6. Anne Says:

    thanks so much.. i love the movie… I hope i can meet them someday. they are such good actress and the movie was really GREAT!!

  7. Anne Says:

    By the way GREAT JOB PIANO MAN (happiness)

  8. tyra magdalena Says:

    yess,, this is wat i wanted..
    Man ,, i.ve been waiting for ya,,

  9. freddy Says:

    thanks for sharing the piano key.

    i have watched the drama and i think this a good love story drama

  10. budel Says:

    thanks for sharing the piano …
    i like this..n i have watched the drama, so god story..i love this

  11. Ambrose Says:

    Hi, could you email me the full score for this song to me? Thanks you very much!

  12. Sterling Says:

    Thank you for some other wonderful post. Where else may just anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal
    approach of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the look for such info.

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