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Lucky – Ashily (Korean Drama Boys over Flowers)

May 18th, 2009 by Ah Doe

Again and again, I have been creating so many by products from this drama. Some will be happy and sorry for those who don’t appreciate it.

This piano sheet has been requested by numerous people who are still yearning for songs from Boys over Flowers. Singapore’s U Channel is also airing this drama now and I expect more requests to come in soon.

All of a sudden I just wondered if the Boys over Flowers fans will be interested if I publish the whole set of piano sheets from this drama. I am serious!

I’d appreciate your effort to click on the survey on the panel at your right hand side with this title: “Are you interested in buying the Boys of Flowers piano sheets collection?

Even if it is a “NO”, I’d still appreciate your click. Remember, every clicks counts!

Back to the piano sheet again.

Lucky (Korean Drama Boys of Flower) by Ashily Piano Sheet Preview
Lucky (Korean Drama Boys of Flower) by Ashily Piano Sheet Preview

About this piano sheet:

1) It’s from the Korean drama: Boys of Flower (韩版花样男子), always played when the troubled Kim Jan Di (Played by Koo Hye Sun) went swimming.

2) Original key: Bb Major

3) Chords and romanized lyrics are included.

Before you proceed to the piano sheet download link, remember to vote ya!

Download link of the complete piano sheet of Lucky (Korean Drama Boys of Flower) by Ashily.

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22 Responses to “Lucky – Ashily (Korean Drama Boys over Flowers)”

  1. Ee Says:

    awesome!!! THX alot!!
    i love this song so so much!

  2. kathleen Says:

    hello why is it so short i think this should be long because it’s a song i want the full piano sheet cause i really love this song and i want to play it with my own hands! PLEASE REPLY!

  3. thel Says:

    i really love the song sooooo muchhh!!!!

  4. dothzie Says:

    thanks c:
    Can I also have the other music sheets, if possible? thanks again

  5. celine Says:

    hi !! do u know where can i buy the bof piano sheet book except korea ??? i’m from malaysia,johor … thx !! erm do u have because i’m stupid piano score ??

  6. Jenny Says:

    I need the full sheet music…..

  7. mirei Says:


    I can play the opening right now,
    so can i have the full music sheet??


  8. kassy Says:

    tnx for the lucky piece=)

  9. charity Says:

    hAi, tHanks nkkita rin aq,, kaso i need d full sheet.. tnx

  10. fatin(malaysia) Says:


  11. AhDoe - Music as an International Language » Blog Archive » Nae Moriga Nabbaso/ Because I am Stupid (Korean Drama Boys over Flower) by SS501 - 韩版花样少男 Says:

    […] – Lucky – Ashily (Korean Drama Boys over Flowers) […]

  12. koreandoll Says:


  13. michelle Says:

    i like this song lucky

  14. huang xinyi Says:

    I love this song!!! Lucky – Ashily (Korean Drama Boys over Flowers)

    thanks so much for sharing!!!

  15. carissa Says:

    i really love this song. tnx a lot

  16. chika Says:

    i love this song,,, :*

  17. jim Says:

    i love this song n i appreciate that u could find da music sheet but i wanted full music sheet.u couldn’t find da half music sheet?but anyway this music sheet r of some work i hope so!!!!!

  18. Gabriela Says:

    amo esta cancion!!! es hermosa
    Ashily es hermosa y su voz es preciosa

  19. minoma Says:

    i love this very much……………………………………………………………………………………..

  20. nethmi Says:

    i couldn’t understand this sheet. if u can please share another sheet which the notes written in this way, CDEFGABC

  21. Maryam Ifthikar Says:

    Please provide the notes with CDEFGAB

  22. Yuka Chan Says:

    I can’t see any survey panel on the right side. I am a big fan of Hana Yori Dango and Boys over flowers dramas and so grateful that you share the piano sheet for free. Thank you very much!

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