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September 25th, 2007 by Ah Doe

Today, the 25th of September 2007 marks the birth of my very own blog!

Before this, I have been questioning myself about the motive ofhaving one. Well, I am not that type of person who is very high-profile and in fact, I’d prefer to be secretive most of the time. Guess that makes me more Scorpion…*Scoffing*

The truth behind it is: The passion towards Music and Life!

At this time while I am writing this post, I am STILL an engineer. To be specific, I am a product engineer who works in semiconductor field. Due to unforseen circumstances, an idea of switching profession struck me. In fact, I have never given up to pursue my opportunities in music. During these years, from schooling time till today, my subconsciousness drove me to teach piano and yangqin as a part-timer, to perform during wedding dinner, to edit and compose ringtones and etc.

I am extremely touched when my closest kins and friends congratulated me for having the thought of switching to this field.

Today, this blog marks the best rewards I can give to them and myself. I will continously update this blog with some information ranging from Musical Scores, sharing of my research and views and of course, some interesting stories and journeysthroughout my life.

Ta dah! 25th September 2007!

4 Responses to “Birth!”

  1. Moo Moo Says:

    Nice layout!

  2. Passerby Says:

    Sweet and fresh layout you have.

    Keep it up! Looking forward to your “production” ~

  3. Wahoo Says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oneida Says:

    Thanks for writing this.

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