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Hangover after watching The Little Nyonya

January 9th, 2009 by Ah Doe

The show is over. It’s a funny experience to watch the last episode at the kopitiam with several uncles aunties around. We must have looked so silly to face towards the same direction to that television. During the commercial breaks people will start to go to toilet and make noise, when the show starts again everyone kept really still and quiet as if all movement in the kopitiam was frozen until the next commercial break.

I spent $2.60 for two drinks there throughout the show…

I guess people still can’t get over this drama right now. Same here, I read a lot about the actors and actresses from this drama within these 2 months. These are some photos of the relevant artists, taken during the Money Not Enough 2 (钱不都用2) Premier.

Qi Yu Wu and Felicia Chin
Qi Yu Wu and Felicia Chin – Photos Courtesy of Szeping.com

Wicked Characters in Little Nyonya
Guo Hui Wen, Huang Jiong Yao and Apple Hong, where Huang Jiong Yao is NOT acting in The Little Nyonya drama – Photos Courtesy of Szeping.com

Now, back to the Ru Yan (如燕) piano sheet that I have posted before…

I received a comment from Richard:

umm Ah Doe, i am trying the piano score of ‘Ru yan’ that you posted and i was wondering if you could post a video or a sound clip using the piano score because i have trouble playing it… the tunes do not really come out and there are some parts which seem kind of weird.

Hi Richard, it’ll be better if you’d left your email behind. Well, I hope that you are still following my blog. Regarding your comment on “The Little Nyonya” theme song piano sheet, I’ve attached the MP3 of this song’s piano version. That will mean, if you follow the notes in my piano sheet, this is how the whole song will sound like. There’s always room of improvement and I really appreciate your effort of bringing up the flaws in it. If possible, a specific description such as in which bar, the tempo, wrong harmonics etc will be more helpful.

Anyone out there, feel free to comment on this piano sheet. I will be utmost grateful to constructive suggestions.

8 Responses to “Hangover after watching The Little Nyonya”

  1. sean Says:

    Hi there! I came across your website as I was looking for the score to this song. It’s an amazing transcription, faithful to the original. I especially like how to preserved the gamelan undertones and the rhythmic structure of the bass, along with the cello bits in the middle. When the cello bits come in, my heart just MELTS. Thanks for the great score.

    Anyway, I looked through your entire music sheet collection and I think you’ve improved in your transcription. Haha. Any tips on how you harmonise the melody? My improvisations tend to be bland ’cause I’m not really sure how to colour my chords properly. 🙂

  2. Prisc Says:

    Hello…do u have this song?if u do,pls send me this song and name it :little nyonya theme song =)) thanks

    plmnho@hotmail.com =)

    thanks once again..and do u have the score sheet for guitar?

  3. Kausar Says:

    Hi, hmm…thanks for providing the piano score sheet for the little nyonya but i want to download the sound when u played the little nyonya theme song by piano…pls reply ASAP

  4. Nancy Says:

    Hi, thanks for uploading the music score for ‘ru yan’ =) indeed it really turn out well and sounds almost the same as the original soundtrack =) Even those percussion instruments u did consider in the music score as well =)

    Do you have the music score for 保温 as well? =)

  5. YATI Says:


  6. Animeswordmaster Says:

    Hi, I just downloaded your piano version of Ru Yan. Just a few notes.

    1. Your link to the mp3 no longer works. It just links to Olivia Ong’s page. If you look through her songlist, the only version of Ru Yan is the original with vocals version.

    2. What program did you use to create the piano score? Usually, you can click “Save As” and save the song as a midi file.

    3. On the piano score, it would help if you indicated any type of tempo marking in the beginning such as dolce or cantabile.

    4. I noticed you don’t use the foot pedal in the song. For some of the longer chords, you might want to add the footpedal in for a better, more resonant sound.

    I’m just a music student, but these are some basic things that should be in the score. Please note that I’m looking at the score without having heard the piano version of the song. Also, I think it’d be great if you could work out a piano and vocal/wind instrument duet for Ru Yan. I play the flute, so I can maybe help if you’re interested. I play Asian music at my school’s annual concert every year, and I’d like to play Ru Yan for a piano and flute duet. Please e-mail me at animeswordmaster@aim.com if interested. Great job with the score so far!

  7. kid kid Says:

    i like chann shi ya. You are very handsome.

  8. Brice Diepenbrock Says:

    Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog via Live search while searching for midi music downloads and your post caught my interest.

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