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Gwen Stefani woke up at 4 in the Morning

October 25th, 2007 by Ah Doe

I heard this song coincidently in my car in one sweet day, but I was not planning for any sweet escape like what Ms Gwen Stefani did with Akon. Of course, I guess that is the consequence of being too lonely for Akon.

Am I nuts or what??? *Knock knock*

At least I am honest with the first sentence: I really heard it in my car.

Gwen’s voice is so unique that you’d hardly mistaken it for another person. She is so unique and cool, especially her accent. Unfortunately, I did not go to any of her concerts before, although I knew that they are quite reachable for me (as far as I know of, she sang in Malaysia and Singapore this year). There is news about Muslims organization (singular or plural form? Excuse me for my bad memory) that protested against her over-exposed costumes and requested the authority to ban her concert unless she promises to be more conservative.

In the end….Gwen Stefani sang in Malaysia, of course…in an obedient manner….(Quite hard to imagine)

However, she told the press that she had fun in her Singapore Concert. By the way, she brought her baby along as well…how cute!

Gwen Stefanie Singapore Concert 2007 Poster

“4 in the morning” is from “The sweet escape” album, which impressed me with its groove and rapping part…yo yo yo!!! You know, it’s something new for me to write the chorus with 90% identical notes. If you really sing it without any background music or accompaniment, it’d be boring…

But I think it’s fun!

Wanna try it out?

4 in the Morning by Gwen Stefanie Preview

As usual, you can also download the complete piano sheet of 4 in the Morning PDF (by Gwen Stefani) for free here.

Please feel free to give any feedback or suggest new songs that I can have fun with!

4 Responses to “Gwen Stefani woke up at 4 in the Morning”

  1. Gwen Stefani woke up at 4 in the Morning Says:

    […] AhDoe – Music as an International Language placed an interesting blog post on Gwen Stefani woke up at 4 in the Morning […]

  2. Mister Says:

    Nice work, guys!!!

  3. Amy Says:

    OMG!!!This is freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love Gwen and all her songs, she is sooo amazing!

  4. G-man Says:

    Was trying this go to a randomly blog feature on randomizer and ended up here, a terrific way to read something new like this. Thanks for taking your time to publish this blogpost.

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