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Don’t Cry for Him Anymore (别再为他流泪) from My Queen (败犬女王)

August 4th, 2009 by Ah Doe

Ah Doe is extremely busy and stressed recently. So stressed that she’d realized that she hasn’t watched any dramas lately when she feels that her life is getting more and more suffocating.

And this is it! The start of watching this Taiwanese Drama called My Queen (败犬女王) and ended in just 48 hours!

My Queen Poster

(Ah Doe cheers for herself for breaking her record!) 🙂

My queen features the love life of a woman in her early 30s (Cheryl Yang/ 杨谨华) with a successful career but remained unattached for 6 years until she met a handsome guy (Ethan Ruan/ 阮经天) who is 8 years younger than her.

The plot is simple but realistic. The success of this drama really count on both the leading actor and actress because of their convincing performance.

The soundtracks are mostly from Fish Leong’s latest album (静茹&情歌-别再为他流泪). You may have heard this song before this drama was aired.

Featuring my favorite soundtrack from this drama: Don’t cry for him anymore (别再为它流泪).

Bie Zai Wei Ta Liu Lei (My Queen) Piano Sheet Preview
Don’t Cry for Him Anymore/ 别再为他流泪 (Taiwanese Drama My Queen /败犬女王) Piano Sheet Preview

*Ahem* There’s one confession I have to make: The piano sheet is based on the piano instrumental version used in the drama instead of the one sang by Fish Leong. As this piano sheet is purely instrumental, I did not put any lyrics in it. However, chords are still included.

Note that this piano sheet is in original key, A Major.

Listen to the demo of this piano sheet.

Download link for Don’t Cry for Him Anymore/ 别再为他流泪 (Taiwanese Drama My Queen /败犬女王) Complete Piano Sheet.

It’s not difficult. All you need is a piano with pedal , a pair of hands and an expressive thought. Really.

And with these criteria above, you could still play this beautifully.


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