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Do you know (알고있나요) by Someday

September 10th, 2009 by Ah Doe

This song is played when Kim Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo were stranded in a wooden hut during their skiing trip. There is nothing special if nothing happens right? The problem is: There is something going on that night!

BOF Kiss Scene 1

Wow wow…but…young kids at home, please do not imitate this.

The song at the background is Someday’s Do you know/ 알고있나요/ 你知道吗. A very romantic song that fits in well with the romantic atmosphere. Next time if I am going to have a candlelight dinner, maybe I will ask the restaurant to play this song. 🙂

Do you know (Korean Drama Boys over Flowers) by Someday Piano Sheet Preview
Do you know (Korean Drama Boys of Flower) by Someday Piano Sheet Preview

Some information about this piano sheet:

1) It’s in its original key, i.e. A Major and transposes to B Major at the end

2) Chords and lyrics included

3) Tempo included

Price: USD 5.00

The complete piano sheet and its demo (In MP3 Format) will be emailed to you upon purchase. Should you have any questions regarding the purchase, please visit this page: How to purchase piano sheets from www.ahdoe.com? or email callme@ahdoe.com

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  1. Corinne Says:

    got thing happened meh? I thought nothing… kena cheated, 都怪我太傻太天真…wahaha

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