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Happy Rooster Year!

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


For free Chinese New Year piano sheets or music scores, please visit this link below:


Happy New Year – A happy 2017 rooster year!

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

First of all, happy new year everyone! So long farewell 2016 and a warm welcome to 2017!


There are increased demands of Chinese New Year piano sheets and music scores around this corner. Let’s have a look at the list of Chinese New Year songs Ah Doe had transcribed in the past few years:

  • Gong Xi Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜) Piano Sheet
  • Gong Xi Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜) Orchestral music score
  • It’s spring again (大地回春) Piano Sheet
  • Welcoming the blooming of spring flowers (迎春花) Piano Sheet
  • And this year, what I have done to add to the list is another Chinese New Year oldies called Celebrating New Year (贺新年), or pronounced as “Her Shin Nien”.

    Celebrating New Year (贺新年) Piano Sheet Preview

    About this piano sheet:

    1) It’s in B Major, the original key of the song
    2) Lyrics and chords included
    3) Arranged based on the version sang by Terasa Teng

    Click on the audio link below to listen to the demo of the piano sheet arrangement:

    Download link of complete piano sheet for celebrating new year (贺新年) .

    Have fun playing it during Chinese New Year to your guests to cheer them up during this festive season.

    Again, Ah Doe wishes everyone good health, lots of happiness and wealth in 2017.


    25 Days more to 2014 Chinese New Year! Are you ready for the horse year?

    Sunday, January 5th, 2014

    First of all, Ah Doe wishes everyone a smooth and fruitful 2014 year ahead! Don’t over plan your new year resolution, remember to keep it practical and realize it before the next year!

    Happy Horse Year 2014

    6 years ago, I made a Chinese orchestral version of Gong Xi Gong Xi and shared it at www.ahdoe.com for free. Early this year, I contributed a Western orchestral version and a piano sheet of the same song to Beautiful Mind Charity, knowing that they are setting up mini concerts for charity purpose.

    I received several requests within this week for Gong Xi Gong Xi and decided to share the piano sheet version to everyone. Cheers!

    Gong Xi Gong Xi Complete Piano Sheet Preview

    About this piano sheet:

    1) It’s in original key, A Minor

    2) Lyrics are included

    Download link for Gong Xi Gong Xi Complete Piano Sheet



    It’s spring again!

    Monday, February 8th, 2010

    It’s less than 2 weeks to Chinese New Year!

    In order to honour the late singer of this Chinese New Year song, I’ve chosen this song called “Spring returns to the earth”/ “Spring comes around”/ “It’s spring again” – 大地回春 (Whatever, you know what I mean)

    Wu Ying Yin (吴莺音) is famous of her nasal voice because it made her singing unique and distinguishable. I believe not many young people like me appreciate Chinese oldies nowadays. Wu Ying Yin was famous in the 1940s, which was the era where songs were recorded with live bands. I don’t really think singers can publish records if they are not good enough back then.

    Wu Ying Yin in album cover

    I personally prefer Chinese New Year oldies than those with fire-crackers and Chinese Raps in between.

    Da Di Hui Chun Piano Sheet Preview R
    Da Di Hui Chun (大地回春) Piano Sheet Preview

    This piano sheet is in original key (C Major), contains lyrics and chords.

    You still have one whole week to practise it.

    Download link for Wu Ying Yin’s (吴莺音) Spring returns to the earth (大地回春) Complete Piano Sheet.


    Moo Moo Year is coming to town!

    Saturday, January 24th, 2009

    Ah Doe wishes everyone a better Moo Moo year ahead!

    Worm avator Chinese New Year Resized
    Red catepillar – Photo Courtesy of Szeping.com

    My wish to all of you comes together with a free Chinese New Year piano sheet.

    Chinese New Year Song Ying Chun Hua Piano Sheet Preview
    Zhang Lu’s (张露) Ying Chun Hua (迎春花) Chinese New Year song piano sheet preview

    Some information this piano sheet:

    1) It’s in original key, Eb Major
    2) Lyrics and chords included

    Happy Cow (牛) Year!!!

    Download link for Zhang Lu’s (张露) Ying Chun Hua Complete Piano Sheet.


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