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Moo Moo Year is coming to town!

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Ah Doe wishes everyone a better Moo Moo year ahead!

Worm avator Chinese New Year Resized
Red catepillar – Photo Courtesy of Szeping.com

My wish to all of you comes together with a free Chinese New Year piano sheet.

Chinese New Year Song Ying Chun Hua Piano Sheet Preview
Zhang Lu’s (张露) Ying Chun Hua (迎春花) Chinese New Year song piano sheet preview

Some information this piano sheet:

1) It’s in original key, Eb Major
2) Lyrics and chords included

Happy Cow (牛) Year!!!

Download link for Zhang Lu’s (张露) Ying Chun Hua Complete Piano Sheet.


An Orchestral Version of Gong Xi Gong Xi

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Besides writing piano musical scores, Ah Doe volunteered to “expand” the musical instruments list for this famous Chinese New Year song.

Gong Xi Gong Xi Orchestra Musical Score Preview

A Preview of Gong Xi Gong Xi, an orchestral version

Due to the fact that this song is re-arranged for Chinese traditional orchestras, the musical instruments chosen are mainly and exclusively for them. Some notable instruments are Yangqin (Introduced in one of my posts earlier), Zhong Ruan, Pipa, Liu Qin, Er Hu and etc. I will blog about these instruments in the future.

I have reserved the full version of this piece of musical score for some orchestras so that they can perform it during this Chinese New Year season. However, if you are still interested in it, whether for individual or group (Orchestra I supposed) purpose, you can always contact me at callme@ahdoe.com .

For the second time, Ah Doe wishes you a happy and blessed year ahead!


Chinese New Year is coming to town…

Friday, January 25th, 2008

You better watch out…

You better not cry…

To cut in short, Ah Doe is going to tell you why…

Chinese New Year is coming to town! Hip Hip Hurray!

When Chinese New Year is around the corner, red lanterns are everywhere, ang pows are also everywhere (Difference is whether it is empty…), people are dwelling into markets to buy mandarin oranges and nice food for this festive season and New Year songs are in the air.

Happy Mandarin Orange

Greetings from Happy Mandarin Orange 

Girls are considering to slim down in order to accomodate more calories, they gave themselves a brand new new year objective and put it in the first priority – to give their best shot to be pretty so that they have the courage to show up in front of their friends and relatives during Chinese new year. (Yaya, I am one of them)

So, if you can’t see me during this period, that will mean that my I missed my target or deadline… 🙁

Well, a happy contribution from Ah Doe for this 2008 Chinese New Year, a famous lunar new year song sung by Yao Min (姚敏)and Yao Li (姚莉). The Yao-s are famous with their musical talent. They are in fact real brother and sister, featuring Yao Min as the composer and Yao Li as the singer.

Guess what, the famous “Wishing You Happiness and Prosperity” or best known as “Gong Xi Gong Xi” is one of their masterpieces. If you want to heat up the Chinese New Year atmosphere, you can always play this song when you party at your friends’ house.

  Gong Xi Gong Xi Piano Sheet Preview

Gong Xi Gong Xi Piano Sheet Preview

Where else you can download this Gong Xi Gong Xi Piano Sheet for free?

Yes, please help yourselves @ AhDoe.com ….


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