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Hmm, which piano sheet request should I do first?

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Did you noticed that Ah Doe has just created a Piano Sheet Request to simplify the request procedure?From now on you don’t have to email me or leave comments under my posts and pray that Ah Doe reads your request. Just click the Piano Sheet Request tab, fill in all the details in the form there and click the submit button and your request will be automatically sent to my database!

Request Form Preview

Sounds cool isn’t it? 🙂

Some early birds have already utilized it and I have seen increasing requests during these few weeks.

Ah Doe is scratching her head to filter the list and select which request to process first…

Stay tuned because one request will be published soon and hopefully that request is yours.


Horror movies

Monday, March 31st, 2008

I like to watch horror movies, but I have a weak heart……

This is so unfair…

I managed to overcome the weak heart problem by covering my eyes with my hands almost throughout the movies. Those who watch the horror movies with me in the cinema are really unlucky to have me beside them.

Nope, I won’t do disgraceful things like screaming or laughing hysterically in between, but I keep asking them: “Hey, what happened just now? What did he (Actor) see?”

In short, I donated my money for nothing.

Besides a weak heart, I have a good memory, and the worst: A very good imagination! If these are applied at a good area, I’ve already made a fortune. But alas…

Damn horror movies directors, they are so good in using sound effects to scare me out of my wits. When I was young (I am still young now 🙂 ), I remember the Chinese vampires and Western Dracula are in the main stream of horror movies.

Then…along came the spirits. After watching so many shows like this, I concluded that audience just want to experience the thrill of getting scared by sudden occurrences or incidents, and they will wait for the truth behind the haunting till the end.

It’s old-fashion now.

If you survey what’s the top 10 horror movies now, you will for sure receive these answers:

  1. Ju On
  2. The Ring
  3. The Eye
  4. The Shutter
  5. The Phone



The most difficult song to be transcribed into piano sheet!

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

I was in the midst of researching some nice songs to be put into piano sheets. Old songs, folk songs, pop songs are all taken into account for the selection.

Suddenly, the entertainment channel was showing Bjork’s recent concert in Hong Kong. If Bjork sounds new to you, let me tell ya, she is from Iceland.

When I was travelling in Europe, a tourist who has been to Iceland told me that Icelanders really need to wear makeup to emphasize their face features. The reason is: Their faces are as pale as sheet….

Just an interesting story to share with you. I don’t know because I have not been there before.

Back to Bjork now. I seldom listen to her songs, and I find them too “digital” for me. My impression of her is her controversial swan dress on the red carpet.


Bjork’s Swan Dress

Swan: Quack Quack here, Quack Quack there, here Quack there Quack everywhere Quack Quack!

Voted as the WORST dress ever seen during ceremony, Bjork achieved a milestone in her career. Nevertheless, Bjork responded with this….



I Super Love Super Mario!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

This Mario that I super love, is “inhuman“!
To be precise, he is not even human!!
I still super Love him….

 Super Mario set in Batam

Shall I introduce which one is Mario?

Mario is Italian, and he only eats itsy bitsy teenie weenie Red/Green dot mushrooms. I think he will also eat charcoal mushrooms if we serve him.
Although you know that he had so many enemies than friends, you still feel safe to be with him. Any kind of monsters, cute but evil creatures won’t scare you…
Too bad, this guy is married with babies who looked really like their Papa.

Super Mario’s Baby

Mario’s Babies.

If you love Mario as I do, you’d love Super Mario’s Theme songs as well.

How I miss my memorable childhood…


Music Preservation

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I really respect the first person who invented the method to record music on papers, that’s more primitive than recording live sound on magnetic tapes, which had already shocked the whole world with such invention.

I wonder how many people appreciated his (that pioneer) effort and achievement that time…

During my trip to Vatican City, accidentally saw this:

First Musical Score in the World

Known as the first musical score in the world…

Sorry, I really don’t understand it. I can’t even identify a single Do Re Mi from it, but hey, the illustration is nice! I guess this is a religious song.

Long before I knew about the existence of musical notation software, I seldom record transcribed songs on papers. When my adult students wanted to play some songs they like, I’ll spend the first few minutes (depends on what song and its length) to “construct” a piano sheet music manually and get them sit beside me observing the whole process.


Incomplete Piano Sheet Music…My Fault

Manuscript Closeup

This is the reason why I need all my students to buy a manuscript book: For this purpose, and also for some handwritten exercises.

Good Point: Students will get involved with the progress and start to ask relevant questions that could be helpful to them. It’s a “Seeing is Believing” benefit.

Bad Point: Too bad, it’s a little time-consuming, especially in the case when your students suddenly request something on the spot. As a teacher, you have to consider whether their request is achievable, and how much time to reach the target etc. Drawing those “bean-sprouts” takes some time, even if you tried not to be so fussy on tidiness.

Thanks to our technology today, we have computer softwares!!!

Even if you are not recording the musical notes through electronic musical instruments, the piano sheets construction is still relatively easier.

Cakewalk Screenshot

This is how I am able to generate neat piano sheets and musical scores.

Nothing in My Way by Keane Piano Sheet Preview


Only flaw I had been thinking all this while: How do they pass down an emotion of a song?

This had been bothering me for some time and I really could not unlock the mystery. A musical score can tell you to play at what speed (i.e. How fast), at what intensity (i.e: How strong or how loud?) and even with what kind of mood (i.e: Expressively, sweetly) but but but but….

Most importantly, if the original composer was dead with zero disciples, who would exactly know how he expressed his song?

So, sound recording today preserved the emotion and solved it. In the end, we still have to say “Bravo” to Edison….

Thomas Edison


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