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Boys of Flower Drama Piano Sheet for Sale!

June 22nd, 2009 by Ah Doe

From the day that I started this website, I have tried not to become the sole contributor for any singers’ songs. I have seen multiple requests for different songs from the same singer/ album/ drama at several points: Corrinne May’s songs, Jay Chou’s songs, The Little Nyonya drama’s songs, all type of soundtracks from some Korean dramas etc.

It’s not that I am being fussy, I prefer to widen my piano sheets variety rather than to satisfy few people. Till date, Ah Doe has received more than 300 requests to transcribe their favourite songs into piano sheets! The fact is, no matter how much I hope to fulfill everyone’s wishlist, 100% is impossible.

Just recently, most of the requests are related to the Korean Drama Boys of Flower (Also known as BOF or 花样男子). As I just said, I have tried not to become the sole contributor for any singers/ dramas songs but the requests from this Korean drama is increasing rapidly.

The good news is: Ah Doe has started the extensive project on BOF soundtracks and they are ready for sale at very low price soon.

Stay tuned for the announcement within this week and you can listen to the sample of the first 3 songs below:

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