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1973 acoustic version by James Blunt

March 28th, 2008 by Ah Doe

When we are talking about James Blunt, maybe you will start to picture an image of him saying “You’re beautiful” to you.

I must say, James Blunt is really a genius! Not only his ability to compose and write nice songs, his gifted voice makes him an exquisite brand in the industry of music. Sharp (i.e. not Blunt) but gentle, he reminds me of another voice: Aaron Neville.

I am glad that James Blunt survived through the competition against dozens and tons of other over-artificial songs that come from the digital age. I mean, how many live unplugged performances we can get to enjoy since year 2000? I like the purity and originality in his songs, his voice and his creativity.

In year 2007, James Blunt released his new album, All the Lost Souls, where he kept a song called 1973 in it.

All the Lost Souls Album Cover

James Blunt’s Latest Album: All the Lost Souls

1973 still sounds like James Blunt, it’s truly his style again. And I loved it.

Guess many people have listened to this song before, but how many of you have heard the acoustic (or better known as Unplugged) version of his singing recorded in Ibiza?

Inspired by this video, I’ve transcribed a piano sheet for 1973 as well. Those who are interested can watch the video for reference before going ahead to play at the piano. This is also a good excuse to skip the dreadful sight-reading.

1973 Accoustic Piano Sheet Preview

1973 Piano Sheet Preview

Just a coincidence, this song is in A Major. (I noticed that I have been writing piano sheets in A Major since 2 weeks ago. Luck is not always good I guess)

If you’d like to team up with a guitarist, it’s just simple. The guitarist is recommended to follow the chords that I have jotted down in the piano sheet, and strum it with a continuous 8 beat (Quavers) at the chorus part. This will greatly enhance the rhythm and make this song less monotonous.

Please download 1973 Piano Sheet at this link below:

James Blunt’s 1973 Piano Sheet Download Link.

4 Responses to “1973 acoustic version by James Blunt”

  1. cy Says:

    i see u uploaded alot of music scores…
    i love music too..but i played guitar badly..i did not go for classes or wat-so-ever..picked it up myself..
    wanted to suggest something,why not upload some mp3 of your playings on the songs u like?
    i like to sing too~maybe u can play clean version of piano then i can sing..hehe 🙂

  2. Ah Doe Says:

    Dear CY,

    I love your suggestions so much! Therefore, I will pose a little surprise when I am ready for the improvements.

    The credit is yours!

    Picking up your favourite instruments is something to be proud of, and you will never be worse if you practise often. No worries, be confident!

  3. CY Says:

    Dear Doe~
    Hey,thanks alot for taking my suggestions!!
    looking forward for your lovely songs~
    btw,do u play Gary Chao’s song?
    he’s one of my fav singer~

  4. Ah Doe Says:

    Gary Cao! He’s one of my favourite too! Ok, will choose some of his songs to transcribe.

    Stay tuned…

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