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Theme Song from Prince of Lan Ling (兰陵王)

March 19th, 2018 by Ah Doe

This is not the latest drama that I have watched but its theme song to me, is considered one of my favorite. Originally named as palm (手掌心) and sang by Ding Dang (丁当),this song tells the story of the fate between Prince of Lan Ling and his wife.

Prince of Lan Ling Poster

Only Love in a Lifetime - Prince of Lan Ling Piano Sheet Preview

About this piano sheet:

  1. It’s in its original key, D Major
  2. Tempo as indicated in the music score
  3. Purely instrumental, therefore no lyrics is included

Click on the audio link below to listen to the demo of the piano sheet arrangement:

Click on the link below for the free piano sheet in pdf format:
Only Love in a Lifetime – Prince of Lan Ling Complete Piano Sheet by Ah Doe

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