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The Hokkien Song from Money Not Enough 2 (钱不够用2)

August 13th, 2008 by Ah Doe

You see har, Ah Doe is trying to be multi-national in her piano sheets collection.

Got English Songs, Chinese Songs, Malay Songs, Japanese Songs, Korean Songs…

And today…what a breakthrough! We have Hokkien Song Piano Sheet!!!

Money Not Enough 2 Movie Poster

If you have watched Money Not Enough 2, heed my advice: Bring more tissue papers… Be it the laughters or the tears, just bring more ok?

Although the movie plot is kinda exaggerating, the values behind it is worth pondering. It’s funny, but more realistic compared to the first episode. At least it’s not a movie which you just “Hahaha” in the cinema and walk out from it with not much inputs.

This song is sung by Hokkien Diva Jiang Hui “江蕙”, named 家后 or “Dearest Kin” by translation. My advice to you, read and understand the lyrics before listening to the original song:

When we are old with no one else beside us,
We will sit on the couch and listen to your adventurous stories when you were young,
It doesn’t matter on what we eat and I won’t complain,
I will hold your hands tightly,
because I am your dearest kin.


I married you at my prime and followed you since then,
Seen through lots of things,
Who else can be more important than you?
I dedicate my whole life to you,
and realize that happiness is leading a cat and dog life.
When our time is up,
I’ll let you go ahead of me because…
I can’t bear to see you cry for me.

When we are old with sons and their wives,
Let’s recall how handsome you were while looking at our wedding photo if you are bored,
It doesn’t matter on what we wear and I won’t complain,
I will always put you in my heart,
because I am your dearest kin.

And finally, the piano sheet:

Jia Hou (Money Not Enough 2 Theme) Piano Sheet Preview
Dearest Kin, 家后 (Money Not Enough 2 Theme) Piano Sheet Preview

This piano sheet is designed at its original key, i.e: C Major. This is the first music score with plenty of ornaments. If you know Hokkien songs, ornaments really plays important role when a verse is spread through multiple notes!

Erm? What else? Chords and lyrics are included as well…

To download, please click the below link:

Dearest Kin, 家后 (Money Not Enough 2 Theme) Complete Piano Sheet

That’s all folks~ Have fun!


6 Responses to “The Hokkien Song from Money Not Enough 2 (钱不够用2)”

  1. Salina Says:

    LOL ahdoe! grats for the multi-national contribution! malay? have meh? is it the hari raya one? coz i’ve only came across tt one le..

  2. Ah Doe Says:

    Yalah, Hari Raya is Malay song what…

    I also can’t believe that I did a Hokkien Song piano sheet!

  3. lily Says:


    May I know the other song for $ not enought abt the mother one . what is the sond title and where can I find the song.

    Can you pls advise me?


  4. Albertino76 Says:


  5. rediscovering. Says:

    […] the English translation of the song (source: https://www.ahdoe.com/?p=405 – don’t want to be caught for […]

  6. kl Says:

    hi do you have the piano score for 望春风 (lang lang’s version). if yes, can you send it to me as i have been looking for it for a long time. thanks

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