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Red Cliff 2 (赤壁2) and its Theme Song

January 20th, 2009 by Ah Doe

After watching Red Cliff 1 (赤壁1), I am ready for the sense of humour from Red Cliff 2 (赤壁2) and I should say: John Woo has gone too far this time.

First of all, those who have read Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义) will find it ridiculous to see Sun Shang Xiang having an extra boyfriend from the enemy’s camp. Moreover, he’s too dumb for her.

In fact, the show turned out to be a comedy instead of a faithful historical adaption from the book. How disappointing!


If you are interested in its CG and special effects, you can still go for this movie. If you are into something hilarious, this would be a good choice too. But sorry, this movie is not really up to my taste.

I wonder if you’d notice, a lot of Chinese soundtracks nowadays had been outsourced to Japanese musicians. Ip Man (叶问), The Painted Skin (画皮) and both Red Cliff 1 and 2. Wow, I just realized that I’ve actually composed and posted all of their piano sheets online. An applause for myself!

Taro Iwashiro (岩代太郎) composed the theme song of Red Cliff 2. The song itself gave away information about the composer. From my observation, Japanese songs normally apply lots of Major – Minor transitions and combinations of inconclusive inharmonics to conclusive harmonics. This is exactly inside Red Cliff’s theme song. Khampa Tibetan Alan (阿兰) is the angel with that heavenly voice who sings “The river flows eastward” (大江东去) from Red Cliff 2.

You can even play it on your piano now:

Red Cliff 2 Theme Song Piano Sheet Preview
Red Cliff 2 (赤壁2) Theme Song Piano Sheet Preview

Too bad, there are some important scale progressions in between that you have to overcome. You can choose to ignore it but it will greatly reduce its vigor.

Other than this, this piano sheet:

1) Is in its original key, Bb Major
2) includes both lyrics and chords

Help yourselves with the piano sheet by clicking the link below:

Download link for “The river flows eastward” (大江东去) from Red Cliff 2 Complete piano sheet.


8 Responses to “Red Cliff 2 (赤壁2) and its Theme Song”

  1. Tze Yik Says:



  2. Li Yin Says:

    do you have the song that was composed by Taro Iwashiro music sheet??
    i liked that song better…

  3. Ah Doe Says:

    Tze Yik,


    Li Yin,

    This piano sheet is composed by Tarao Iwashiro as well. Do you mean the other theme song from Red Cliff 1?

  4. Gerry Says:

    Yes, I was also looking for the other song that is at the beginning of red cliff I and is constantly throughout redcliff II. I would call that the main theme. Is this available in sheet music?

  5. Lynn Says:

    hi,can I have that red cliff main theme piano piece(full sheet) and the full piano sheet as well by taro ishwashiro?I can’t find any of them in the web. thanks in advance!

  6. nana Says:

    Thank you very much! This score, too important for me!
    Your website was also great, music scores is complete, content is also very rich in the future will always look at!

  7. Ambrose Says:

    Hi, could you email me the full score for this song to me? Thanks you very much!

  8. Jenna-mae Says:

    I am looking for the piano sheet music for the Red Cliff song or Kkuon no Kawa; but I am looking for it in the key that Crystale Gale plays it on the ocarina that she posted. I notice it’s not in Bflat major. In bar 15 she hits C as her last note, not D so the notes for bar 15 would be A,G,F,C. Do you know where I can find it in that key? Thanks!

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