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Painted Skin (画皮) the movie vs Painted Heart (画心) the song

November 5th, 2008 by Ah Doe

Have you watched Painted Skin (画皮) lately? If not, I’ll recommend this movie to you. I have been thinking of some of the scenes after watching this movie. I have to agree that this movie did manage to send out some messages successfully. It’s not only a horror movie, but rather a sad + romantic movie overall.

Painted Skin Poster

Those who starred in Painted Skin form a strong cast that will not only attract audiences, but would guarantee its quality up to certain level.

Zhou Xun (周迅) + Chen Kun (陈坤) + Zhao Wei (赵薇) + Donnie Yen (甄子丹) + Sun Li (孙俪) + Qi Yu Wu (戚玉武) + Gordon Chan (陈嘉上) the director = Good Box Office!!

Painted Skin Poster 2

Just for your information, Painted Skin is adapted from the classical Chinese Horror Novel (聊斋志异). From what most Chinese people who know about this novel, there are always some erotic details in it. Therefore…

Same thing in Painted Skin movie…(maybe this is one of the reasons why many people dwelled into the cinema for this show)

The songs from this movie are composed by Fujiwara Ikuro (藤原育郎), including this song that I will post today: Painted Heart (画心)

Painted Heart from Painted Skin Movie Piano Sheet Preview
Painted Heart (画心) from Painted Skin (画皮) Movie Piano Sheet Preview

You might find this interesting, this song resembles “心语星愿” from Cecelia Cheung years ago. Both songs are nice in my opinion, similar but tend to differ at their chorus. Jane Zhang (张靓颖) sang it emotionally and proved that she was the best person for this song.

For piano players:

1) This piano sheet is in its original key: I.e. Starts with E Major, transposes to G Major and back to E Major again.

2) Lyrics and chords included

3) Erm….difficulty = moderate. Really! Considering the speed is constant at 65 bpm.

Please download the complete Painted Heart piano sheet from Painted Skin Movie here.

Oh boy…I’m addicted to this song…

14 Responses to “Painted Skin (画皮) the movie vs Painted Heart (画心) the song”

  1. Mr.D Says:

    Thks so much.

  2. nhapnhom@yahoo.com Says:

    ohhh, thank you very very much . Why don’t you play and post on youtube

  3. jubeandepp Says:

    wow thx so much 4 this~~~

  4. roni Says:

    thank you so much for the piano music sheet, I love the song very much, however, my piano skill level is only 4, it is kind of difficult for me, is there any simplier version?

  5. Ah Doe Says:

    Dear all,

    You’re most welcomed. I hope you like my transcription.

    Maybe I shall manage my time better, I find it quite difficult to juggle between my engineering and music career and personal life. I like your idea though, just that I haven’t got the capability to do so…

    Hi roni,
    I have to re-design the piano sheet in this case. I’m sorry that I can’t promise you when, but I will email you (Only if you let me know what’s your email address) if it is ready.

  6. mimi Says:

    omg thank you so much for the music sheet and movie information

  7. Roni Says:

    Hi Ah Doe:

    Waiting for your simple version of 畫 心 piano music sheet, thank you so much for your kindness.

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  9. Sayaka Says:

    thank you for the piano score 🙂

  10. Hello Says:

    The song is beautiful.
    The movie wasn’t that good though. I’d maybe give it seven stars.

  11. nice Says:

    thanks for the music sheet but clip has been terminated.

  12. Ocean Le Says:

    thank you so so much. I’m infetuated with this song and have been searching for the piano sheet for a long while.

  13. Jazmaine Says:

    Why does it only have pg 1. How do i get the other pages. Please reply as soon as possible! I really need it. ThankS!

  14. Jazmaine Says:

    Ok, i know how to print the music sheets already. (:

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