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Lost to the Moon (输给月亮) – Korean Drama The Slave Hunter Soundtrack (By Request)

June 19th, 2014 by Ah Doe

It has been a while since I last fulfilled a reader’s request. I have been following my request database all the while but a lot of requests are repeated requests, and most importantly, I did not have as much as time as before to transcribe piano sheets.

What moved me was Cathryn’s email. I really can feel her persistence and sincerity, moreover, the song that she requested ain’t that bad, so I just went ahead and made it into a piano sheet. For those who are also looking for this piano sheet, count yourself lucky because of Cathryn.

Anyway, I hope all of you’d have fun playing this on your pianos.

Hi Ahdoe

I love your website and the piano music you create! I tried requesting a song through your website but it did not work, hope it’s ok to email you directly.

If you could create the piano sheet for a song from the Korean drama called Chuno, I would be eternally grateful 🙂 I am a beginner piano player so the easier you could make it the better.

Here is the link to the youtube video for the song sang by the popstar Beige.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Korean Drama The Slave Hunter Poster

Listen to the music score demo:

Click here to download this file
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About this piano sheet:

1) Lyrics and Chords are included.

2) It’s in F Major.


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  1. Cathryn Says:

    Hi Ahdoe

    Oh my goodness, you are amazing. I never thought you would actually complete this request. I am so happy and very very grateful that I can now learn how to play this song. Once again thank you for creating the sheet music, you have a loyal fan for life.

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