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Gary Cao – Betrayal (背叛)

June 3rd, 2008 by Ah Doe

Gary (曹格) is a Malaysian, to be specific, he is a Sabahan.

Gary Cao

He had been drifting from Malaysia to Canada, and from Canada to New Zealand throughout his childhood. And what a coincidence, I just knew that my sister, who spent her few years studying in Auckland is an acquaintance of Gary Cao!

So, Gary! Listen carefully, if you read this post, contact me! No joke man, my sister really knows you.

Ok, I’m done with the personal part. Let’s continue with his music.

Gary mentioned that his music career was not successful from the start. He even revealed that he once had the idea of ending his life when he could not find his way in his life. Not knowing which path to choose and going through some turmoils at the same time is certainly demotivating.

That was the past, and Gary is a blinking star who never surrenders to destiny. His music, always the style of “Gary”, proves to be well-accepted by us.

I like his Betrayal (背叛) a lot.

Cao Ge Betrayal Piano Sheet Preview.JPG

Betrayal (背叛) by Gary Cao Piano Sheet Preview

Even before Taiwanese star search show indirectly promoted this song, I already thought that this song is a wonderful masterpiece. Even though some people claimed that the contestants made this song famous instead of Gary himself, I still think that the song itself deserves the fame…

Reminder: Gary composed this song…

I spent some time transcribing this song into a piano sheet. The original key is in B Major, but I transposed it into C Major out of convenience. Chords and lyrics are included.

Gary Cao’s (曹格) Betrayal (背叛) complete piano sheet available for download here.

My favourite version of Gary’s Betrayal (背叛) video:

4 Responses to “Gary Cao – Betrayal (背叛)”

  1. c.y. Says:

    hello…is me again…
    lomg time nv log in ur blog d
    so any song for me to sing?
    anyway gary is my fav artist:)
    i love his song vr much
    his new song 单数also cun..
    try it?

  2. Ah Doe Says:


    Welcome back! Perhaps you can try to sing Betrayal “背叛”.The piano sheet is available now.

    I will load “单数” into my to-transcribe list. Thanks for suggesting. I have also uploaded many new piano sheets, for your information. Hopefully they suit your taste.

  3. c.y. Says:

    haha..sadly i can only read the chords on top of the sheets,to strum my guitar that’s it..
    i’m no good in music especially piano…
    how i wish i can listen to u play everyday…
    missed the days when can go to friend’s house and force them to play piano for me to sing…
    kakakaka :X

  4. bloss Says:

    ummh .. can i request some song ?
    i wanna find 中动 elva xiao ,, sheets of the piano..

    thanks before,,

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