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Doraemon Theme

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Have I told you lately, that…I like Doraemon?

Doraemon Start

That’s the only comic that I know how to read till now even it is not labeled with number sequence. I am not sure why, but I guess Doraemon is more “children-friendly”, and that perfectly suits my childish character sometimes. Doraemon is so popular that their episodes co-exist with different languages: Japanese (Of course), Chinese, Malay, Cantonese etc.

Remember the famous “Ang Ang Ang” Doraemon tune as well? There was a not-so-funny joke related to its tune as well…

Question: What is Doraemon’s favourite colour?
Answer: Red…

If you wonder why…

Doraemon repeatedly sang “Ang Ang Ang” in its theme. Well, problem is, “Ang” means red in Hokkien..

See, I told you it is not funny at all…

Since we talked all the way to its tune, perhaps you are interested in the piano sheet as well.

Doraemon Theme Piano Sheet Preview

The all time famous Doraemon theme piano sheet is ready for download, again, in PDF format.



If you thought that Doraemon is a robot, you are wrong! Totally wrong! Do you know that Doraemon has decesdants?

Doraemon’s kids


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