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A Scout of Talent (伯乐) by Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) – By Request

July 22nd, 2008 by Ah Doe

This post is all about Yoga

Doing Yoga

Sorry…not this Yoga…

Yoga “Mysterious Guest” Album Poster
Yoga Lin (林宥嘉)’s Latest Album – Mysterious Guest (神秘嘉宾)

I knew Yoga Lin through the Taiwan Star Search Show, but his fame is still slightly behind Xiao Jing Teng (萧敬腾) and Jerry Yang (杨宗纬), until I listen to his songs through Yes933 lately.

Wow…his voice is the best instrument of all musical instruments I can find in the arrangement. Just one thing that he can still improve: his gesture and pose. Did you notice that he’d swing like a monkey when he is singing happier songs? Nah nah nah…this could have spoilt his stage show.

Back to the topic…this song is requested by a reader.

Hi Ah Doe,

Hello! I am a reader of you website- ahdoe.com! Thank You so much for sharing with us so many piano scores. Do you listen to Lin You Jia’s songs?I feel that he is very talented! Do you have any of his piano scores??

The songs that I like are:

Thanks to this reader, I managed to focus on Yoga’s album with your recommendation and amazingly, I found his album much better than Jerry Yang’s (No bad feelings, just being honest…).

To satisfy his request, I’ve chosen to transcribe Yoga Lin’s “伯乐” (A talent scout, pronounced as “Bo Le”) and upload the piano sheet here. Part of the reason is because I like its melody as well.

Bo Le by Yoga Lin Piano Sheet Preview
Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) “A talent scout” (伯乐) Piano Sheet Preview

This piano sheet is based on the song’s original key. If you can sing it, congratulation! You have the pitch range of Yoga’s!

The chorus, also the beginning verse is always in G Major, other than that, the song is in E Major. Just remember to pay attention at the key signature as it may switch suddenly.

Lyrics, chords included, as usual, for the convenience of all…

Please download Yoga Lin’s (林宥嘉) “A talent scout” (伯乐) complete piano sheet here.

8 Responses to “A Scout of Talent (伯乐) by Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) – By Request”

  1. jiayu Says:


    You are amazing! ^^

    Thanks a lot!!=)

  2. jiayu Says:

    Thanks a lot!!
    i tried playing part of it and it sounded perfect!! =)

    谢谢! =)

  3. jiayu Says:

    Haha about him swinging like a monkey!!=D
    this video is interesting too, if you like also like 盧廣仲!
    both 盧廣仲 and 林宥嘉 are featured in this video=)


  4. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi JiaYu,

    No problem. Have fun!

  5. Shu Juan Says:

    THANKS! You rocks! 🙂

  6. xiiaojun Says:

    hii .. rmb me ..hahas .. i hav been viewing ur site till yestaday kep cannot go in the page .. though u close it .. ^^

  7. Ah Doe Says:

    Hi xiiaojun,

    Of course I remember you. AhDoe.com has been down for the past few days due to some technical error from hosting server. It is never related to shutdown like what you think lah…haha…

    Life goes on…happily….

  8. peach Says:

    hi,this is peach
    i hope can get your piano sheet for this song. thanks ya^^

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