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You are My Flower (你是我的花朵)

March 8th, 2008 by Ah Doe

When everyone is crazy with sexy female pop singers who wear only a few pieces of clothes, heavy make-ups and are capable of dancing along with rhythmic disco music, one Male singer joined the feast too!

Wu Bai and Flower

Hello everyone, I am 500!

Wu Bai (伍佰) is already 40 years old this year, and he looked fantastic even with old-fashioned gestures when he sing his new song: You are My Flower

Let’s have a look of the MTV before we decide to play this song on piano or learn the “flowery” dance.

Wu Bai revealed that this song was inspired by Madonna’s “Hung Up” during in one of his interviews. Yes, it’s true, “You are My Flower” is definitely the oriental version of Madonna’s song.

Actually, the piano sheet of this song is not my first priority to share at AhDoe.com. However, considering that this song is very famous at this stage and the hilarious atmosphere it can spread to the public, I decided to give it a try.


You are My Flower Piano Sheet Preview

You are My Flower Piano Sheet Preview

There are some points that I would like to share about this piano sheet:

1) This piano sheet is in its original key, i.e. D Major

2) The left hand part is mostly a resemblance to the 70’s disco style. AhDoe.com will not be responsible for any wrists, arms, hands, fingers and bla bla bla injuries.

3) “You are My Flower” is meant to be performed on stage with a band (How can we forget Wu Bai’s China Blue in this case?) and flowery dance, therefore I have added the chord for this song. Dear guitarists, ENJOY!

4) Lastly, the lyrics is also included. If you think you are good enough, you can sing, dance, and play the instruments simultaneously.

Please download the complete PDF version of You are My Flower Piano Sheet here.


2 Responses to “You are My Flower (你是我的花朵)”

  1. 思斌 Says:

    Hi, you should post a video featuring you dancing the 花朵舞 besides 伍佰 one.

  2. Ah Doe Says:

    Dear 思斌,

    Good suggestion! You are a brave man because no one else dare to suggest or see such horrible video if I post it online!

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