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爱拼才会赢 – Success only comes with Striving

June 7th, 2009 by Ah Doe

I received this email a week ago:

Hi ahdoe

Please can you help me look for the music score for this hokkien song “ai pia cia eh yia”.I am helping a friend who needs it urgently for her aged mum suffering from 3rd stage cancer.This old lady has been looking for it quite sometime.


What will you do if you were me? This is a classic Hokkien song but I don’t really see any demand for it…

However, for the sake of helping some needy people out there, I have absolutely no time to ignore this request.

So, here you are…

Ai Pin Cai Hui Ying Piano Sheet Preview
Ai Pin Cai Hui Ying (爱拼才会赢) Piano Sheet Preview

About this piano sheet:

1) In original key, i.e. C Major

2) Learn the whole main melody and repeat 3 times. That’s will make the whole song.

3) For non-ambitious players, you can remove some notes from the harmonics for your convenience.

Hopefully Lady Luck is smiling at your friend and his/ her family.

Download link for Ai Pia Cia Eh Yia (爱拼才会赢) Complete Piano Sheet.

2 Responses to “爱拼才会赢 – Success only comes with Striving”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    May I request a score sheet for this hokkien song ai pai cia eh yia for Grade 1 keyboard.

  2. Mr Ting Says:

    I love this song very much. Could you give me music instrument without voice because I want to try to sing it with my own voice. Really appreciate if you can sent me my request. Thank you

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